Wednesday, February 22, 2012

40 Days Of Easter

This past Christmas as we dutifully added our ornaments to the Jesse Tree the boys mentioned how fun it would be to do something similar for Easter. I agreed, whole heartedly.

After all, in this house my kids know that Easter is not about the bunny. Unless you consider the ever running debate about ears or tail first when it comes to consuming the chocolate ones.

Anyway.. I'd hoped to make an Easter Quilt similar to our Jesse Tree Quilt, but life happened and I never got to it. Today, we happened to wrap up our New Testament study with the Grapevine Curriculum. I didn't want to jump right into the Old Testament yet because I'm not quite ready for it. Then I remembered I had this nifty book called Mission Possible on the shelf. It was an Easter Present for Morgan a couple of years back when he was into spies. Such a timely little book considering the Easter Season is close upon us! I decided this little book would be our Easter Journey, and we'll just do a craft for each lesson. Maybe afterwards I can turn the crafts {or the ideas of the crafts} into a quilt. We'll see..

Today's story was about Lazarus, and the craft was pretty simple. We used some Paperkins {left over from my American stash of scrapbooking goodies}, a small strip of white material, a glue stick, & some scissors.

This was just a cheap piece of white cotton that was in my scrap basket. I cut slits at the top and then tore the strips down the length of the material. It gives it a nice frayed look that just seemed right for this craft. Nothing too exact mind you. When I was done the small strips were a bit curly. I wasn't about to haul out the iron, I just ran the flat edge of my scissors along the edge of the material to flatten it out enough for our project. Easy Peasy!

Here's our strip of materials all cut out, some of it had been flattened at this point some of it not. Some of it I didn't flatten out because I had eager children who couldn't wait to wrap up Lazarus. Next we just started wrapping. It took about 3 strips per paper figure. I started on a foot. Put a smear of glue down just to hold your starting piece in place. Then wrap. If a piece is a bit to long, just snip it and glue the end down. We used the small snipped bits to piece in where the children felt Lazarus was a bit too naked.

See, it's not an exact science! Can you spot Lazarus' toe sticking out there? Or the top of his head? It all works. The boys were really intent that his eyes should be visible, but perhaps not his mouth. They felt that he wouldn't be quite so happy if he was dead. Of course we kinda laughed about that afterwards considering he comes back to life, but anyway...

We hung our Lazarus up on our art string where he'll most likely remain until after Easter. The idea is to do 40 crafts over the next 40 days {the length of the devotional}, all based on the life of Jesus. We'll see how it goes. The plan was to only do the crafts/devotional on school days, but we'll then be left with 3 days of devotionals & crafts when Easter arrives, so we'll have to figure that out. In the mean time I'm looking forward to the whole adventure!

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Sharnee Torrents said...

I love your idea here!! I've just popped on over from Dove's Rest and I think this is all wonderful!
It's always hard to do things related to the real meaning of the season, this is soooo super!
Thanks sooo much for sharing, I look forward to doing some of the ideas with my treasures!!
Thanks again and happy crafting!
SMiles Sharnee :)
p.s I love that you have a Stampin' Up punch!!! So need those in your supplies!! xx