Thursday, February 23, 2012

40 Days Of Easter: Day 2

Today's Fact File was based on the traditional Palm Sunday lesson with Jesus' final journey into Jerusalem. The boys are pretty familiar with this particular story, and finding a craft to go along with it was very simplistic.

We decided on making a donkey that was walking across palm leaves. Now to be completely realistic we should have thrown some cloaks or shirts or some form of clothing on the ground, but we were going for simplistic and quick, & a quick donkey pattern, a few craft sticks, & some tape had us pretty much set.

In fact, this went together so quickly I had to ask the boys to stop permitting the donkeys to race around the room, especially with their "shortcut" through the sticker maker which, thankfully, had no paper in it.

All you need for this particular craft is: black yarn {optional}, glue sticks & tape, wooden clothes pegs or craft sticks, crayons,  a free donkey pattern {unless you're awesome at freehand drawing and up to it}, & some green foam cut into palm leaf shapes. Have your kids color their donkeys as desired. We have one grey donkey & one rainbow one, it all works.

Lay a piece of sticky tape sticky side up and have the kids arrange their leaves no it. 

For any leaf that doesn't directly lay or sit upon the sticky side of the tape just make a tape loop to hold it down. You could use the glue stick, but I find that this funky craft foam just doesn't like the glue sticks.

Laminate your donkeys if you want, & then put glue on the main & tail areas. Cut small snips of black yarn to cover the glue. You don't have to do this step, but we thought it would be fun & add more texture to our craft.

Someone snitched mini-wooden pegs for their donkey feet, but I took them back. They have ladybugs {birds} on the other side & we seem to have lost half of them in our move so I was being stingy. Lazarus clearly enjoyed taking a ride on the colt there.

Legs, in my opinion, could really be optional, but the boys were pretty set on them, so we made some.

We cut a craft stick into four pieces. The boys colored them as desired and then we put a bit of glue on the top half and stuck them on the donkey. Then we used sticky tape to hold them down as well. I figured it would take a bit of time for the glue to dry and the tape would hold them in place until then.

Tape your donkey to it's palm leaf path. We did this in the same way we made the palm leaf path. Easy Peasy, at least way more so then gluing craft foam to anything. 

Then hang it up before your kids can hold donkey races across the house again. No, seriously, trust me on this one.

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