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Another week wrapped up, & another month has ended in our year. Where on earth does the time go? Two different people in our home this week made large announcements about being shocked that it was May all ready, so I totally freaked them out by pointing out this was our final month of Autumn before winter officially arrived.

Our week was a little bumpier this past week from all sorts of craziness happening. Jayde was down with throat congestion & heavily put out that it wasn't sick enough to get him out of math lessons. I'm still fighting a cough that just isn't keen to hit the road, it's really not too bad at this point, but it can make early morning readings rather interesting.

On the other hand we had some lovely weather this week & it was delightful to throw open windows & be outside a bit too. We're appreciating every warm day we still have left before the colder wetter monsoon months of winter arrive.

We crossed the halfway point in our devotional this past week. We're still fully appreciating it our trip through Matthew & the fun, sometimes crazy, devotionals that accompany it. The boys have been enjoying some AIO cds as well that they were given for Christmas. The 25th Birthday Celebration compilation has been the latest hits we've been hearing.

Despite throat congestion he still took part in reading from the Old Testament last week. His throat congestion is really weird & isn't phasing him except when it comes to eating. Archimedes was pretty intent on the reading, all though I actually suspect he was waiting for a moment of lull to swoop in & eat the pages of that Bible. I'm telling you, those birds might look cute, but they are as naughty as anything!

Jayde is officially hitting the Pilgrim phase of his history this term, or rather colonial lifestyles & times. We've added in a few books here like the Colonial Crafts & Colonial Tool book in the picture above. Our Read Aloud for the next couple of weeks is The Trailblazing Life Of Daniel Boone. This is from the same series of books that one of our read alouds last term came from, & I have a few more in the series flagged for other times this year. 

Both boys moved forward in math, all though Jayde will be staying put again for a little bit as he builds confidence. It's interesting how some of those new concepts, despite not hard or all that new to him, have us scrambling to pull out our MUS blocks. He's often not keen to get them out, but I consider it non-optional. I find that by pulling them out for a little while & consistently using them it helps build that confidence quite quickly. Morgan has passed the half-way mark in his own book & is on the downward side of the slope for the most of the remaining lessons. He's pretty pleased by that.

Morgan is still plodding happily forward in his writing book. He's really pleased that he made that choice to turn around & review the beginning portions of the book, which came up again this week in one of his lessons. He's been doing some of these lessons on his own this week as I made video recordings for him to use. I love that he noticed my "one" mistake in the video. Never mind the long pause in which I thought I misread something & debated starting over again.. 

This boy was a bit grumpy about things during the first half of our week, but pulled himself together for the end. He's using Writing With Ease, & despite the topic being Paul Revere this week he was still not tickled pink about writing. Mind you, we had a pencil calamity this week which only added to his frustration. You know what I'm talking about, right?! That moment when every pencil is missing & the only ones you can find break every time you sharpen them.. Yeah, it was weird. I found a few dozen pencils scattered around someone's bed Friday afternoon. Apparently he'd been drawing at night..

Our poppies, from last week, sprouted this week! It caused quite an uproar when the Iceland poppies sprouted early in the week. The Flanders were a few days behind those, & we still haven't even planted the California version yet.  We started Jayde's new science book The Mystery of the Periodic Table this week. It was the missing book from last term. Morgan started a couple of new books in science, but we only got to one of them this week as he has quite a few Chem Labs to tackle over the weekend prior to moving forward. Have you ever read the warnings on a Chemistry Kit?! I'm telling you what, if you haven't.. I'm not sure you want to.

Morgan wrapped up his reader for the week in the early portion of our week & then spent the remainder moving ahead in his history book, The Second Mrs Giaconda.  While listening to his book he built this nifty game board, & in the evenings worked on writing up the rules to the whole thing. There are three pages, crammed full, of rules. Mostly because each different colour square allows you a different type of action. So basically you roll the dice & move, then roll the dice again to determine what fate will befall you on the square you landed on. You collected the crazy minifig heads which you could use as money to buy extra dice & so forth. The objective of the game was to have the most set of minifig pants by the end of the game.

This term we're adding in some Mystery Of History Vol. III for Morgan. He really loved using MOH alongside SOTW & I have to say I like the depth of MOH 3 far better then the former two volumes. We'll be moving at a much slower pace with that book then we did with Volume 2. We're still plucking away with Our Island Story, we've reached the point with our world studies that the stories we hear in OIS are now being heard in our other sources as well. We should wrap up this volume of SOTW this term!

We also had grammar & spelling this week, all though I have no photographic proof of it. We're so close to the halfway point in our spelling book that there's a lot of excitement over that. We should wrap up our grammar book at the end of this term if we stay on track with it, health permitting! 
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I seem to have skipped our final week {or two} from last term, but rather then worry about it I'm trudging forward to keep track of what we're doing this term! It's so fun to look back upon it all & realise just how much we accomplished over the course of our year, or even just on days when you're pretty sure you've accomplished nothing..

This past week was the lead up to the 100th Anniversary of the Landing At Gallipoli. This is a major part of Australian history & we took the week to really appreciate the sacrifices that were made at that particular time in Australian history.

We used the Anzac Unit Study I shared earlier. It was a simple unit, all be it emotional, with the books we chose to read. I'm not sure you can really study the pasts of any country & not find it a bumpy ride, or lacking of emotion.

Needless to say by the time Anzac Day arrived they were fully prepared to attend our local ceremony with a much greater understanding for what it was all about.

We started off our studies with a brief introduction of what sparked World War I. It's been a while since reading this book with them so it was a great reminder. Jayde is now super excited to learn he'll be using the book in full next year. Later in the week we also skipped ahead to the small bit of information shared inside about Gallipoli.

We spent a good deal of time this week mapping where various battles happened. This was a difficult task considering it all happened in such a small area, but they did the best they could with the map of Turkey we had. More importantly the names of the locations became very familiar to them, which was really important.

They had 2-3 vocabulary words to look up each day. Some were familiar to them & they enjoyed looking them up to see if they were right or not. to the rescue for us, I really need to purchase a proper dictionary, but we really do appreciate that nifty website!

We read bits & pieces of this book as well. While the entire book applies to Anzac day we chose to focus only on WWI & more importantly what happened in Gallipoli due to this being the 100th anniversary of the landing. We picked this book up a while back at a local used book store, but it's really lovely if you can lay hands on it. It covers various aspects of the Australian military, all wars they've been involved in up to the time of publishing, uniforms, & medals, etc.

These were our 2 read alouds this week. Lighthouse Girl is a lovely light read. It's based on a true story about the Breaksea Island Lighthouse. There's newspaper clippings & photos scattered throughout the book which bounces back & forth between journal entries & story telling. In the very back there's extra information about the heroine, Fay, & the author explains which portions of the book are true & which aren't.

The Donkey Who Carried The Wounded was a completely different level of emotional reading. I should have pre-warned, when sharing about our Anzac books, that it's also best for the older readers as there's some language inside & sharing of gruesome details as you are taken to the horrors of what unfolded for the young men during their stay in Gallipoli. Knowing the history of Simpson, we knew he'd not make it out alive, but those were still some really difficult chapters to read!

It was summed up on someone's timeline rather well, especially considering a certain child gasped audibly when we got to that portion of the story. The book was really well written, but we've yet to not enjoy a Jackie French book. I love the way she really brings history to life, but isn't willing to gloss over even the hard & ugly parts.

This was our latest addition to our Anzac books. I like to try & purchase a new one each year, & there were two on my list I went into the shop for. Imagine the look on the boys faces when this was what I came out with instead! One book was unavailable & the other book had a WWII focus & as this year our focus was WWI I found myself staring at the unusually small amount of books available. Our local book shop is normally really amazing about keeping the shelves full, but I was a bit disgruntled by their lack of books on this topic this past month.

On the other hand, One Minute's Silence has to be the most amazing Anza picture book for older children I have yet to read. The pictures inside are all done on the same fashion as the cover with the black & white drawings, the words are incredibly simple, but the meaning behind it is just beautifully covered.

The book stars out in a classroom of fidgety looking teens who don't seem to really have much interest in whatever is being taught. So the question is posed, "In a moment's silence can you imagine.." It speaks of the things we all think of when the moment of silence arises at the Anzac Services, but it goes beyond that to hit on some much deeper topics. It has the perspective from both the Anzacs & the Turkish side, & it left my boys deep in thought when I closed it up after reading it aloud to them. In fact, when we went to pull it out the next day, as it has a couple of beautiful maps inside, it was "missing" & turned in the room they'd slept in.

We watched a couple of different movies on YouTube this week as well. One told us about the history of the poppy flower from the Canadian point of view, while another told us about it from the Scottish point of view. We also watched an amazing movie at the end of the week which brought everything to life for the kids entitled Anzac For Schools.

They each potted 2 different kinds of poppy seeds, we had a third enroute, but I don't think anyone ever planted any. Mind you, I think they planted the seeds they did use too deep as they've yet to sprout up yet. We may need to start that experiment over & try it in a plastic baggie until we have some good sized seedlings happening.

They tore up the Readers Digest at the end of the week to make covers for their little notebooks. Morgan was happy to just have a two-page spread picture where as Jayden wanted all the little bits & bobs he could get. The young boy on the cover of his notebook was the last surviving person from Anzac, & at the time of his passing actually lived a few hours from us. The photo has caused great debate, all week, about what age each person in our home thinks he was when he enlisted.

The notebooks contain their maps, vocabulary work, research work, timelines, & any other bits they collected during their study. I loved this picture above on one of the boys timelines of the 75th anniversary.

We made unofficial Anzac Biscuits. They can't be "official" ones because ours had to be gluten & dairy free. They were very tasty despite our adaptions, all though I'd like to try them again with a few more adaptations to see if we can keep the crisp in them a bit longer.

We did our memory box each day this week too. It wasn't much in the line of math to review all their multiplication facts, but I really wanted to ease back into our full-time studies & this provided that opportunity. We also had spelling as normal which only caused minor angst for one, & not the one you'd expect either!

Saturday we went down for the annual mid-morning ceremony. We wondered if a lot of people hit the dawn ceremony because this is the first year we've been able to stand close enough to see the people actually talking. Jayden was especially smitten that he could see the guard around the cenotaph. We all had a huge fright when a loud voice behind us said, "Excuse me Sweetie.." An elderly woman was at my elbow & needed help down the steep hill, but we were so engrossed in what was going on we hadn't seen her standing there!

Next week it's back to our normal fuller schedule.
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After pulling all the books off our shelf for Anzac day I opted to whip up a few plans for our family. Nothing super fancy, after all we tend to keep things relatively simple around here.

I thought I'd share them here because I know I'm always on the lookout for things to use with our Australian studies, & I'm sure others are as well.

Inside is a preplanned schedule that we'll be using, but also a blank schedule page to come up with your own plans if you'd prefer. I've scheduled research questions, geographical locations to be found around Gallipoli, vocabulary words to define, a couple of simple science projects {our garden needs sprucing up after all}, & of course the making of Anzac Biscuits.

I've also included links to art projects, a few simple videos, & our Anzac Pintrest boards, just incase the imbedded links don't work. I've also tucked in a few notebooking pages based on the activities inside that I've scheduled.

I've included a couple of vocabulary papers, one with HWOT lines & one without. 2 Nature Journaling pages if you choose to plant some poppies &/or sprout some Rosemary. There's also a comic book style timeline starting with the announcement of WWI & ending with the 100th Anniversary of the landing at Anzac Cove. It's nothing fancy, but it goes along with the activity of making an illustrated timeline. My boys are very into writing & drawing their own comic books so I knew they'd love this project.

In the very back of the little study are some extra resource links if you're interested. Someone has put together a lovely little pack on Teacher's pay Teachers for the younger crowd as well as some of the middle students too. Links to the books we'll be using & so on.

If you're interested in downloading it feel free to snag it here. I'll be sharing goodies on & off throughout the week ahead on Facebook & will post a few of the lovelier ones here as well.
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Anzac is fast approaching, & as it races ever nearer I find myself looking over our bookshelves to see what titles I can pull out to read in the coming week ahead. We've slowly been building our Anzac Library, as well as the rest of our Aussie History library. Many books were acquired because of Jayden's fascination with the army & his love for all things surrounding it.

Anzac is only 11 days away, & as the new term speeds towards us accompanied by Anzac I find myself pouring over the Australian History shelves in our home library, scouring it for books on the topic. We’ve been building this particular section of our Aussie History library for a while, thanks to a little boy who cannot get enough of history, especially the portions which involve the army or branches thereof.

From a little boy’s perspective he looks over the endless books & sees courage & victory, action, & adventure; and it hits me that many of the young men who lied about their own ages to enlist in the Great War probably saw the very same things in their own imaginations. We have the advantage of knowing the end, the horrors & the glory, & while many tales of Anzac are filled with grief & sadness our little boy looks upon them & asks the simplest of questions, “.. but why?”

And so we open the books & we read. We watch the same tale open before us & we know the ending this time. The good, the bad, the horrible. We read it anyway, & we try to make sense of what happened. We listen to the speeches, & we recite the poems. We answer in unison, “Lest we forget!” & above all we want to shout, “Never again.” 

This little boy sees the ribbons & medals. He reads the stories & is drawn into them, imagining the goodness, the heroism, the victors. He watches the men parade up the street while we cheer them on, & he asks if any of them really did fight on that fateful day. It’s then that I always fall apart, the moment he asks about his Uncle & if he’ll ever have to go fight like that. I stand & ponder the same question. I have no answer, but then, he didn’t really expect one.

If you’re looking for some lovely reads to share with your family for Anzac here are a few of our favourites:

The Donkey Who Carried The Wounded — Written in the normal journal entry style the rest of the Animal Star books are written in, this book takes turns with narration from both human & animal as we see the story unfold from the eyes of both. A winner for the animal lover in our home. The book has a section in the back about the facts that the book is based on from the meaning of Anzac to the true Aussie slang used throughout the book.

History Of Australia — Chapter 21 is about The Great War & does a great job telling a non-fiction view of Australia’s roll. The pictures are all pen & ink, but for some you may wish to preview the picture on page 130 {fallen soldier bleeding} prior to letting littles peek inside. Author: Manning Clark, Meredith Hooper, Susanne Ferrier

Anzac Day — Each page within shares information about one particular battle or division of the military service. It covers Anzac through the Middle East controversy of the 90’s, as well as war memorials, military uniforms, & more. Author: Jill Bruce

Meet The Anzacs — This beautiful picture book tells how the Australian & New Zealand armies were formed & works it’s way through that fateful night.. Included in the back of the book is a timeline of events starting with the assassination & ending with the ceasefire. Author: Claire Saxby

An Anzac Tale — This book starts with the declaration of war & finishes with the the retreat of the few who survived. The book is written in comic book fashion with native Australian animals in full garb who happen to be the heroes & heroines of the story. It includes many true facts in the back of the book explaining where in the main text you will find the information in the story. There is also a small timeline in the back of the book. This is  one of the most red Anzac books in our home. Author: Ruth Starke & Greg Hofeld

Gallipoli — A simple little picture book with beautiful watercolour drawing inside. The book covers, in a more gentle fashion the unfolding of what happened from the leaving of the soldiers to their return back home. A note for the more sensitive: one of the young soldiers in the book loses his leg. You see him upon a stretcher with a bandage upon his leg that has red upon it. The next time he’s seen he’s home on crutches. Author: Kerry Greenwood & Annie White

See inside The First World War — A typical Usborne Flap Book that gets a lot of love & use around our home. The pages are thick & cover small tidbits of information & factoids. All pictures are tactful & gentle for the young, but for the more sensitive I’d urge you to preview the book first as there are a few pages with fallen soldiers, some with blood some without. Author: Rob Lloyd Jones 
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Week 8 at long last! It's actually more like our 11th or 12th week to be honest based on our slow stars back, so it's a relief to be here knowing we have one week left to wrap up our schedule for the term.

It's been an incredibly pleasant term, despite a harried week here or there, so we'll be prayerful that our final week of Term is lovely & calm too despite being a short week.

This week we had a lot of reading happening around our home & at one point I simply could not read another word aloud my throat was so incredibly sore! Maybe it was a cold attempting to latch on, all I know is it brought a quick end to our day.

We should wrap up this lovely poetry book next term at some point! We had some tongue twisters inside this week which caused a bit of a stir. One child disagreed about their appearance in our poetry book while the other didn't really care as long as I'd read them again as fast as I possibly could. We're in Matthew 10 with our 90 Day Devotional. Despite it missing from the photo, we wrapped up Genesis & moved into Exodus this week with the boys reading from the OT.

William Bradford & Planning were in our Christian Character Traits for Kids this week. I didn't look for a match-up in Portraits Of Integrity this week, & I rather missed having that addition. This was an interesting Character Trait to look at because I have one who's a planner {to some minor degree} & one who flies by the seat of his pants.

Forward progress in grammar this week, the boys are still enjoying their grammar programme, & I have to say so am I. I love that it's simple but to the point & that after we go over the expectations on the page they set about the work on their own. I bring up the page they are doing on my computer incase anyone needs help with something. Generally, though, they don't need help.

I went to grab the next book to read with Jayde for science & discovered it wasn't on the shelf. Whoops! We decided we'd order it in time to use next term & in the mean time, as the book was about elements, I pulled one off our shelf. We've really enjoyed this lovely book, all though it's had a few quips here & there about evolution. The graphics are alluring & the rest of the information is straight forward. I pulled out the magnet Periodic Table & as we read about the elements we put them in order on the board! 

Morgan & I are still making our way through this book. Our objective is to finish this book prior to term break. We may have to read a chapter or two on the coming weekend in order to accomplish that goal though as we missed a day this week due to that crazy wild sore throat I had!

Morgan continued forward with his one step outlines via Writing With Skill, I was really hoping to find this as an audio book via Learning Ally; at this time, though, it's not. For now I read the lesson to him & he goes off & uses Dragon to complete the work. The notes & plans he makes are jotted on blue paper so he can copy it over without any issue.

Both boys continued with their geography. It's a slow & steady progress for them. Jayden prefers the days when he's only got one state to do vs the days when he has 3, but when he has more then one it generally makes sense based on the way they are linked together on the map.

Jayde & I finished The Adventurous Life Of Myles Standish. Such a lovely read! We really enjoyed adding that book in & hearing about the Pilgrims from another perspective. We also added in Life In A Longhouse Village this past week & read that whole book as well. Jayden's favourite Native Americans are still the Pueblos with the Aztec coming in a close second. He was so excited when we were able to see some Hopi artefacts on tv this very same week. We're crossed the halfway point with The Story Book Of The USA Book 1 which was a bit of a surprise considering we are only in our first term, but we do have the second volume to accomplish in the year as well.

We'd read, a while back, about Joan's stand against the English, in Our Island Story. This week we read about it in SOTW & Kingfisher. Knowing it was coming up I wanted to expaned on it a little more, but our library was lacking. I ended up purchasing both of the books above which we read this week. We read You Wouldn't Want... first as it takes more of a light approach in regards to depth, & then we read the second book. It was interesting to hear her tale told from the variety of perspectives, & we were astounded to learn that the trial she went under can still be read! As in, the notes that were taken {every word spoken just like a court clerk now} are how the author of the second book was able to gather the information for her book.

Morgan wrapped up week 27 in Bookshark 6 this week. That puts him through Chapter 27 in SOTW, which was lovely & exciting for us considering how long we feel we've been at it. We've added in a lot of extras to this study so it's taken a while to get us here! We still have a few books in there to finish up as well as the remainder of SOTW Vol. 2, all of which we'll finish up next term, or so goes the plan!

Morgan finally tested out of Lesson 17 in his math book. Hoorah! He's ready for the Unit Test this week prior to our upcoming break. His lessons after that should be reasonably downhill for him in regards to finishing the book, all though his eyes can play up on him if he has to work with too many digits without enough aids to help him out.

I divided up a lot of what was left of Lesson 19 for Jayden in the week having him do fronts or backs of pages, odds or evens in regards to problems. I'm planning to have him start back to math in our second week of Term Break just with a couple of problems a day to be sure he stays fresh as it took him a while to build up this confidence!

We repeated the spelling lesson that managed to get chopped up over the past 2 weeks. I just felt it was best to repeat it due to the lack of retention which hadn't happened in any other lesson. The boys were a bit surprised by the repeat of words, & when one mentioned something about it I pointed out he should have no issue getting all his words correct then. 

We had an outing at a museum up the coast from us, but I ran off without my phone or a camera & opted to keep going once I realised my mistake. Poor Mr S was distressed all day that I didn't answer a single one of his messages & was hitting panic mode when we got home 6 hours later & reported we were all safe & sound. The exhibit we saw is headed to other areas around Australia before hitting Canada & the USA. While we didn't dislike it, we were disappointed it how it was set up compared to how it was portrayed on the website. Basically it was an interactive town/railroad display. The kids enjoyed themselves & certainly didn't complain about the opportunity to play for a couple of hours in the park with friends.

No science lab this week {again} as Morgan's book doesn't have experiments with it & neither did Jayden's stand in book. 
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The end of our Term is officially in sight at this point. We wrapped up Week 7 last week & have 2 official weeks of work to do, & then we should begin our first break of the year. Very exciting to say the least!

This was a rough week for us, too, with a lot of dreary days that seemed to zap the energy out of a person. We've also had very dark mornings & that always lends itself to sleeping in. We have a time change coming up the first weekend of April, which is exciting when you gain an hour, but semi-depressing as you realise the dark & dreary days will soon be upon us more so then they are now!

On the flip side some lovely new books have been rolling up to our doorstep so we'll have plenty to keep us occupied & busy over the darker months this year. In fact, Audible was having one of their ever present sales, & I snagged the entire works of Sherlock Holmes for $7. There's close to 60 hours of listening in that lovely little bundle. That should keep us set for the winter, once we get through the other lovely books we'd hoped to spend some time listening to!

Our Bible hasn't changed this term, so we're still making our ways through all of these. I think we'll be dropping Through The Bible Devotions however, as I've been sadly unimpressed with a few of the latest devotions. The author's take on particular passages & stories in the Bible seems to greatly differ from that of ours & I found it odd to hear him condemn Joseph for showing off. I don't know, but in all the years I've read the story of Joseph's life I've never once thought of Joseph as showing off, how about you? We are, however, very much enjoying our trip through Matthew with the AIO Devotional.

We're continuing to read Chemical Chaos throughout the week, the kids are still totally in love with it. Jayde realised we were nearly done with it & he audibly gasped & said, "What will we do when it's done?" My response of, "Put it back on the shelf." wasn't exactly soothing for him. I know we have a few others that will lend themselves well to our science studies, but we might hold off for a term or two.

We're reading through Exploring The World Of Chemistry together. It's really a Level 3 Chem book with Noeo that is assigned to Morgan. He's enjoying it & does fantastic on all the quizzes. Jayden picks up bits & pieces & tends to confuse the information on the quizzes making him extra excited when he answers one correctly. I think he tends to flake out during the drier bits & tunes back in when it's interesting to him again, thus the confusion of information.

While it's not in the photo we also read from the Usborne Science Encyclopaedia this week as per the Level 2 Noeo Chem guide. We only had 4 pages to read in there, but a plethora of words to define. Mr S loves peeking at the definitions because the kids also illustrate them & he's usually got tears of laughter streaming down his face from one or the others comic strip illustrations.

Morgan's timeline is coming along with scientists. That's just one page of many he's been filling in as he goes along. I'll have to share later about how he's making the figures. The last one we added was a bit bigger then he'd wanted, but we didn't think about it until he slipped it in & asked me to scribble some information he had on his mind.

One of my favourite poems showed up in our poetry book this week. The kids have memorised a stanza or two of this in the past so they are well familiar with it too. I think we might all be a bit sad when we wrap up this book of awesome poetry. I will say that the schedule we are using has us skipping a few sections of the books, mostly ones that might have to do with particular holidays some might not be very keen to read about. All up though, the book is lovely.

We had more mapping again this week, Morgan's usually has several things to map each week. He uses the littler map to transfer info to the bigger map. This week we covered some of Russia's early history, as in how they became Russia. Very interesting! He also enjoyed learning about Ivan the Great & Ivan the Terrible. Amazing, isn't it, how many great leaders go crazy for one reason or another & remembered for their insane tyranny which really was because they were insane!

Still moving along in LA book C. We won't finish C & D prior to Term break, which I wasn't so sure we would as it seemed a rather lofty goal the kids had set, but I was happy to try & help them reach it. There's really no rush with it & we'll slip right into the next level when we wrap this one up.

Mogan's swimming along with Writing With Skill, he's still on Level 1 outlines with it. He opted to start the book over due to the length of break he'd had between using it previously & starting it back up this year. I need to consider moving him through a few lessons a bit more quickly because these early lessons are incredibly easy for him right now. He outlines his points with Dragon which is lovely for him. Spilling Ink landed in our picture, but we didn't get to it on Friday as I declared an official "outing" day followed by "clean the house before Dad gets home" day. 

Jayden & I worked through these boosk this week. Jayden does some on his own, others we do together. We're every so nearly done with our Myles Standish book, which is rather exciting! He's really loved that book, he's most certainly our biggest Non-Fiction lover in the house. He's laughed so much through his Rush Revere book that we've all had to listen to countless retellings of the things Rush's horse, Liberty, is constantly getting up to. I thought we were going to have to pinch poor Jayde the other day when the horse started dancing! We've made it through the Spanish Conquest in The Story Of The USA, Book 1, & we started The Witch Of Blackbird Pond earlier then intended & changed it from an assigned audio book to a read aloud as he really wanted a few more books this week. 

Morgan's stack only looks bigger because some of these books are thick! Jayde listens in on Our Island Story, but it's in Morgan's stack for one reason or another. We wrapped up A Proud Taste Of Scarlet & Miniver which was a lovely read, we seriously enjoyed the book! The beginning of this study we had some hit & miss books all though we read them all anyway, but as we move farther along the books are becoming much more delightful. Story of The World covered the historical information about Russia I mentioned earlier.

I plunked Jayden back in Writing With Ease & put him in level 3. He was disappointed, but only because the workload was greater then that of Writing & Rhetoric which I wasn't entirely pleased with. He writes summaries & does dictation. He'll cover some poetry in a week or two as well. He was quite okay the first day, but very put out the second day. We had a long chat about learning to write means you actually have to put the pencil on the paper, & he buckled down to work. Yes, he's still in a pj shirt, but I can assure you his pants were normal. I've given up asking why I bother to buy matching sets of jammies a long time ago.. 

Math was review this week & both have tests for lessons & units coming up prior to term break. We didn't have any social outings this week either as our group was off camping in the bush this week down by Mr S's childhood home. 

This is the first year we've been unable to attend due to it not being a long weekend, so instead we met Mr S for lunch & gave him quite the surprise, which was returned when a rat scurried across the rocks on the shore front & I screamed loud enough to make the nearby cafe go quiet. 

No Science Labs this week either, all though they should have 1 more or so prior to term break. In Term 2 they get to crack open the chemistry kit & the excitement abounds from all 3 of them over that one!
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