Sunday, April 10, 2011

Shop Open: 2011 Planner & Homeschool Journal

It's finally here, The long awaited planner!! At least some of you have long been awaiting this planner. I've gotten several emails about it after first sharing pictures of the project I was working on. It took me longer to get this one polished then most because I was working on making it to fit standard US letter paper as well as A4.  Did you know paper around the world was different sized? It is.. and if you thought keeping up with different time zones was bad, keeping up with different sized papers can make my head spin!  This planner is quite large and comprises of 5 different modules. I'm offering each module on it's own or 4 of them combined together. 

      Module 1: The Main Planner 

      This module is the main part of the planner with a total of 28 pages inside!
      • 2 different covers to chose from, but I'm going to be honest and say there's not much difference between them. When I took the vote around the house I was the only one who could tell the difference and I just couldn't decide which one I liked most. 
      • A year long calendar page
      • 4 Weekly planning pages; I created 4 identical pages with a different image on each one so that it would be easier to tell which week we were on in a month while flipping through our planner
      • Library list
      • Resource list
      • Curriculum Wish List Page
      • 10 Different note taking pages with a total of 5 different images {I created some with less images for more economical printing}

      Buy Module One: The Main Planner  now at Currclick.

      Module Two: The Monthly Calendar Pages

      This module holds the monthly calendar pages and consists of 24 different pages!
      • A perpetual Calendar page for each month. You fill in the calendar with numerals, holidays, and other bits.
      • Monthly Holiday & more planning page. This might be, by far, one of my favorite pages! I use it to record upcoming birthdays, anniversaries, holidays {serious, funny, Australian, US, etc.} Nature/Science ideas for the month, and craft ideas I'd like to do with the kids for the month. On the bottom of each of these pages is a different educational quote as well. 
      Buy Module Two: The Calendar Pages now at Currclick.

      Module Three: Deeper Planning Pages

      This module has 8 pages to help you plan your own unit studies, living math lessons, lapbooks & notebooks! 
      • One Math planning page to help you keep track of your resources, manipulatives, and the topic or your lesson
      • One Math Class Note taking page where you can write out more in depth plans or jot down whatever you need in order to help your lessons go off smoothly
      • Three unit study planning pages to help you keep track of your plans for each subject {math, science, Language Arts, history, geography, social studies} as well as your resources & field trip ideas 
      • One unit study note page to keep track of your plans and goals for the unit study as you plan it out, teach it, and enjoy it.
      • One Lapbook/Notebook planning page complete with a large and roomy doodle box! I think the doodle box addition this year is one of my favorite features! You can plan out what you want your page to look like before you even sit down at the computer.

      Buy Module Three: Deeper Planning now at Currclick.

      Module Four: Home Helpers

      This module has 21 pages to help you plan the weekly happenings around your home.
      • 8 weekly planning pages; 4 different images some with lines for writing on, some without for those who like to color "outside the box". There's room to jot down appointments or things to do for each day of the week, a daily chore checklist, space to jot down a Bible verse for the week, and more.
      • 4 weekly menu plans; different images for different weeks of the month! {If you chose to bind these you can perforate them first and just pull them right out on the week they are needed.}
      • 4 different shopping lists; I like to print these right on the back of my menu perforate the whole thing and pull it out as needed to hang on my fridge!
      • 4 different recipe cards {2 per page} to keep track of those tasty recipes you find while reading magazines, flipping through books, reading blogs, etc. You can print on front and back of the page to use less paper, or print only on the front of these and cut them out to slip in your recipe box if the recipe turns out to be a winner!
      • 2 pages to keep track of the important people in your life and their personal details {telephone, email, address, etc.}

      Buy Module Four: Home Helpers now  at Currclick.

      Modules 1 - 4 Combined

      82 pages from all of the above Modules!

      • Module One: The Main Planner 28 pages
      • Module Two: Calendar Pages 25 pages
      • Module Three: Deeper Planning Pages 8 pages
      • Module Four: Home Helper Pages 21 pages

      Buy Combined Modules 1 - 4  now at Currclick.

      Module Five: Homeschool Book Of Days

      The, 18 page, stand alone module which works as a journal of your homeschool journey.

      Inside this module you'll find 4 different weeks worth of papers to record the happenings in your own little homeschool. There are places to jot down history, reading, math, life skills, games, computer work, language arts, sport, art, & music. It also sports it's own cover {exactly the same as the one from the planner} for those who'd prefer to only use the journal.

      This module is similar to the one I've shared before, but I did change this one up a bit. I rearranged the boxes and adjusted the sizes of some compared to how often I found myself writing in one verse another. I also added a Weekly Doodle Box so my kids could take turn making me a doodle each week. They both love to draw and this is a fun way to have a special drawing in a safe place for special keeping. I don't ask them to draw about anything specific, it's completely up to them. I also added an Our picture Fun page where I can slip two pictures from the week in that might remind us of our studies from that week. My kids adore looking at photos, don't yours?

      I prefer to print this module double sided so that it only takes up 2 fully printed pages {front & back} in my journal. While I keep these pages in our main planner, I remove them and put them in their own book once I've completed them. This way I'll have a record of everything we've done in one easy location. 

      The fun part about the Homeschool Book Of Days is that when we're having a very unschooling kinda day, week, month it's still easy to jot down the educational things we've done! The science video we watched, the math game we played, the read alouds we enjoyed, and so on. 

      Even on weeks when we might use something that's all ready planned out for us, and we don't need our regular planner, I fill in our journal. It's so fun at the end of the year to look back over all the things we've done! 

      Buy Module Five: Homeschool Book Of Days now at Currclick.


      Why only 4 and not all 5?  Not everyone needs or uses a planner. There are weeks when I don't use my own planner but always use my journal. It's a great resource for keeping track of what you're doing on a daily basis, even those fun little conversations that can spark lots of research.

      Are the Modules & Journal dated? No, despite the dates in the above pictures all
      the date
      {d} places within the modules are blank so you can fill them in as needed. We homeschool year round and I'm aware our dates will not match up with others who school differently. 

      Do I need to print this on special paper? Not if you don't want. I prefer to print on both sides of my paper to take up less room in my binder & to save on the amount of paper I use. Because of this I prefer a slightly thicker paper so I don't get bleed through on the other side. I've used 100g paper for my binder and feel quite happy with the results. I printed the cover on this and it did just fine.

      How do I print the cover so it takes fills the whole page? Simply make sure your printer is set for borderless printing and it should fill the whole page up! 

      I've purchased the planner, printed it out, now what? You can choose to have your planner bound, store it in a three-ring notebook, or use a home binding machine on it. Personally, I really love using my ProClick Binder. It gives me the ease of spiral binding with the capability of a three-ring notebook. The choice is completely up to you! After you've got your binder/journal contained simply fill it in! It's your's, so make it personal and fill it in with all the goodies you'll want to remember while using it. I like to add pockets to mine to store bits and pieces in. 

      Please Note: All files are PDF format and you can use Adobe Reader to view them with, which is free. Unless otherwise specified all files can be printed on A4 o US sized paper.


      Renelle said...

      I love, love, love this planner exactly what I was wishing for. I will be ordering, but now I have to decided which module! I will take a close look. You wouldn't believe it though I bought the FIAR planner only Term 1 this year, but I love Aussie Pumpkin Patch's planner. Well done Kendra, you are so clever, your boys are very lucky to have you. Awesome job. Blessings, Renelle

      Kendra said...

      Our planning pages {Module 1} is set up similar to the FIAR planner, but not exactly the same. I was combining 4 planners to get what I wanted and decided to make my own! :D So you'll see similarities in Module 1 to the FIAR planner. And thank you for your sweet comments!

      Anonymous said...

      Hmm...I just bought the set and cannot get the download button to work. I get an error page every time I click the button. Are you able to help me??

      Anonymous said...

      Yay! It's absolutely wonderful and a perfect fit for our FIAR studies and then some.

      Many thanks for all the work you put into this.

      Kylie said...

      This looks fabulous...loving it...I have never used a paper planner before but you just might have inspired me to do so ;-)