Saturday, April 9, 2011

Garage Sale: Used Curriculum/Books

A Few things left, so I bumped this post up.. {last updated 5/27/11}

While cleaning up some books this week I actually ran out of book shelf space. It wasn't entirely shocking or new, but I decided to pull some books off the shelf that I don't use. While doing so I realized that not only don't I use them I probably never will because they are a bit below my kiddos. I thought I'd see if anyone here was interested in them.

All of it's gently used  and will hopefully benefit someone. A couple of the math texts are missing a few pages from the very first lessons, but they are noted on the books below. I've also linked each item to a place where you can view inside of it {if possible} incase your interested in seeing what's inside. Unless stated, prices don't include shipping.


Saxon K Math: We purchased this when Morgan was in Kindergarten, and it was used then so it's not the newest edition. We never used the meeting booklet with it, so I don't have one to go with it. Aside from the dings on cover the book is in good shape. We used this book for our Kindy year, but honestly I think this would work awesome with a Preschooler or someone just showing interest in maths. The lessons consisted of counting, some skip counting {5's and 10's}, oral some some more and some some went away stories. The last 20 some odd lessons are repeated in Saxon 1. $15 $7.50

Saxon Math 1 Teacher Manual:  Yet another Saxon math book; this TM was also purchased used so it wouldn't be a major recent manual, but it still fits with all the workbooks.  While we used this for Morgan's year 1 {1st grade year} I think it would be much better suited for a Kindy/Year 1 student. These books have a lot of math lessons in them so there's no reason you couldn't spread this over 2 years if you wanted. This set no longer includes the workbooks or the flashcards, sorry! $15  $7.50


2002-2003 Mailbox Yearbook, Kindergarten: I don't have a link for this year because they sold out, but here's a link to the most current one I could find. Includes ideas for all subject areas and printables. Literature ideas, math ideas, social study ideas, unit study ideas, game ideas, etc. Hardback with dust cover. $10.00 $5.00

2000-2001 Mailbox Yearbook, Kindergarten: See above description, all though themes and ideas change each year. $10.00 $5.00

2004-2005 Mailbox Yearbook, Kindy-Grade 1: See above description{s}. For whatever reason when a new editor of the magazine took over {I use to get that too!} she changed the various grade levels on the magazine{s} and thus the yearbooks. I wasn't as keen on it at the time, but it did give me more time with this fun book! $10.00 $5.00

Extra Info: All the above prices are US Dollar {mostly cause that's the way our paypal account is set up}. If you're interested in/want an item send me an email. If you have a better offer on an item let me know!


Renelle said...

Hi Kendra,

We have the Little House on the Prairie boxed set, but I hadn't thought of doing a unity study with it. Did you use the Primer? If you did what was your impression? I ask because our boys have so many similarities and I feel like I'm at home when I read your blog, ha. Alot of the suggestions you have made in the past really suit us so I find I can pretty much trust your impressions on a resource.
We have quite a bit to go with Apologia Science & TT for maths but most other things I will need to make some decisions on or start something completely new. I still am leaning towards FIAR.Best stop thinking about it and just rely on God!

Thanks, Renelle

Kendra said...

Renelle, I didn't end up bothering with the unit and decided to just read the books as they were. I never really gave the kids the option of "do you want to do this".. Silly, but true.. It's not laid out like FIAR, and I think I was hoping it would be. ;)

As for FIAR, you really can't go wrong with it. We love{d} it, and I'm kinda sad my eldest is too big for it! That said, I did find the extra copy of Mailing May if you want me to send it to you. :) It's a Vol. 4 Title.. Let me know!

Renelle said...

I already have the book Mailing May and was going to try the digital download to have a go, then if we were happy we would either try another from Vol 4 or go onto Beyond. I'm going to try and get it all sorted soon so I can put together our presentation for the next couple of years. Our daughter will probably start right from the get go with Before FIAR (as long as I can get the books) Exciting times. I think I'll leave the Prairie Primer for now. Best wishes with the garage sale.

Renelle said...

Just bought FIAR Vol3 in Australia! It says it is suitable for ages 4-8, even though Carter is 9 and Faith is nearly 4 I'll give it a go and try and beef it up for Carter if I need to. Very excited. I've had my eye on them for over a year. I'm hoping my library has some of the books.
I really hope that Winter Promise is all you hope it to be, it does look really beautiful.
Blessings, Renelle

Kendra said...

Excellent Renelle! You can view the book list for volume 3 here. Our library system only really has Truman's Aunt Farm which we had a grand time doing. I don't think I have any extra copies of the titles. You might find that obtaining some of the titles hard as they are now listed as OOP {out of print}. Climbing Kansas Mountain and Andy & The lion are the two that come to mind from that volume.. BUT, they are out there you just have to hunt around for them. :D

GE Doors said...

Everyone loves a good garage sale.