Friday, February 4, 2011

Madeline Lapbook

Last week was a short week for school due to two days off for Australia Day. I debated the idea of only having the one day school week and picking up where we left off the following week, but everyone was keen to hit the new unit studies so Friday we simply wrapped up all outstanding lapbooks, notebooks and unit studies.

For Jayden that mean wrapping up his Madeline story. I know the book is about 12 little girls, but really he adores the story and always has. I think Jayden finds it really easy to relate to people who mean well, try hard, but simply can't avoid staying out of mischief.

Madeline tends to be one of those people, and at heart she's a well meaning little girl. That and the fact that she pooh-poohs the tiger at the zoo. He's also impressed with her heroism towards mice. Personally, I think he finds great admiration for a girl who doesn't scream when she sees them, unlike his mother who recently told her mother-in-law that the children did not say, "Look at this mouse and even if they had you would not have been standing on my kitchen table because I would have pushed you off to be the first one up!" It's true, embarrassingly so.

Here's the front cover I made for him to color, it's the combination of 3 pictures and some added font. There weren't any well made coloring sheets in a large enough size available for a cover so we opted to go with the Eiffel tower which Jayden is obsessed with anyway. We know a fellow who use to live in France and the boys have plagued him several times with gobs of questions about this icon. They've since decided that if they go they want to take the elevator to the top. I told them I was taking the stairs because there's only so many times you can declare that you've walked 1600+ steps.

Page 1
The green paperclip is holding the vocabulary book closed as it was spilling out without it. The vocabulary bit comes from the Hands of A Child lapbook, where as the flag booklet comes from Homeschool Share. The map of France is a random thing I printed out.

Page 2
Again, the top two booklets came from the HOAC lapbook while the bottom three came from HSS. Would I normally buy a lapbook when I can access one for free? No, and I didn't. You see, way back when CurrClick use to give away some really amazing freebies including lapbooks. I've obtained many HOAC lapbooks that way. Now, don't take that the wrong way, I'm not saying Currclick doesn't still give away decent goodies, I'm just saying that I use to get more use out of some of the older ones..

Pages 3 & 4
All of these except the yellow booklet & the Monochromatic booklet were from homeschool share. The yellow one was, again, from HOAC. The art booklet I made for Jayden to help him understand the term. The Tour De France book was a lot of fun and meant to be closed with a ribbon, but the ribbon Jayden picked was just too bulky so I skipped it.

Here's the inside of the Monochromatic booklet. He wasn't too happy to be asked to color the same picture twice as the coloring bug wasn't biting yesterday, so I colored the one on the left and I helped him with the one on the right.

Here's a peek inside the appendix booklet. Jayden was, I kid you not, a bit creeped out by this booklet. I'm not sure why because normally nothing grosses him out except maybe the thought of having to eat a double serving of broccoli.. however I said, "Color the appendix any color you want!" and he said, "That's disgusting, I'd have to touch the guts!"

We also had fun with a germ"y" science experiment. I gave Jayden a small piece of coconut oil and told him to rub it all over his hands, he did. I then sprinkled some cinnamon on his hands and told him to pretend they were germs.

Excuse the blur.. moving 7 year olds are hard to snap non-blury photos of at times..
Next I told him to wash his hands as he would normally: no soap, cold water. He obliged again, but I did have to snap the water off after his normal, "I've washed" time. He looked at his hands and said, "EWW!"

This time I put on warm water and gave him a drop of soap and suggested he try again, and he did.

Tada, clean hands again, but I'm still not convinced how long he'll wash for in the bathroom considering we have to turn on two taps instead of just flip it on with a lift-up handle. I know, but I'm with him I so much prefer the one lift up vs turning on two taps. And yes, he's making the ugliest face possible in the mirror, he's always been obsessed with his reflection. So much so, that he'll enlarge his own picture while using video chat with grandparents so he can watch himself do funny things. He's a nut!

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