Saturday, February 5, 2011

Just a couple of quick updates the organizers of the Expo have asked me to share with all of you. Ticket prices are currently set at an Early Bird Special, meaning that the $19.95 price is going to go up within a few weeks so if you're planning to purchase a ticket you might want to get it now instead of later! There's also a limit on how many tickets, over all, that they plan to sell so if you're all ready planning to get one you don't want to miss out either. No matter what price you pay for your ticket (Early Bird Price or Regular) it includes the price of downloading the MP3's after the conference is over. A huge benefit if you're like me and can't make all meetings due to time differences.

Secondly, if your child is interested in, or all ready has started a home business you might find this article interesting. It's about a couple of boys who've all ready started their own home businesses, and an upcoming meeting/event at the Expo on this very topic! You can read more about the meeting/event here.

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