Monday, January 29, 2018

2018 Week In Review: Week 2

I debated skipping a week in review for this week as it was an unusual week for us, especially being week two. But I’m also big on sharing that while we have a lot of great days, everyone has bad ones. It’s just a matter of one foot in front of the other when they occur. So, despite having a semi chaotic week, I figured I’d share about it anyway.

We started out with all new material, but I realised that we’d worked at half pace in some areas & full pace in other areas. So on day 2 we decided to play “catch-up” with the half-paced subjects as well as continue forward movement in math.

Jayde had some catching up in science to do. He really loves the EE science scheduled in his HOD this year. I’m glad, all though I am not a fan. Ironically I’m not a fan of the Apologia science the other one uses & enjoys. Okay, let me be REALLY honest, I don’t really feel the love for most science programmes, but that’s another story altogether.

Jayde finished testing his electric car & ran a couple of experiments on it. I took a 10 second video of one so that he could share it with Mr S that evening, but we had a dinner time fiasco that distracted us from that. As in the crockpot we’d just bought didn’t work & dinner was raw. I had to make a mad dash to the shop to replace the silly thing while the guys attempted to get dinner cooked in an alternative manner.

Morgan thought he had catch-up in items, but in the end didn’t so he spent his week focusing on his math & working on a mapping project for the week. It left him with a fair amount of time to work on his art projects. After trying to convince him for years he should try his hand at digital art, he’s finally bitten the bullet & now it’s hard to drag him away from it! I’ll have to see if he can snag some screen shots to share. We really love that he leaves his projects up so when we walk through the living room we can see the progress he’s making.

Friday was Australia Day & the kids made the burgers for that & organised the games this year. We traditionally play an Australian trivia game & Aussie Pictionary {although we never play by the rules just draw & guess..} We had some serious laughs with that which were so so good for the soul.. Morgan decorated the house for us as I was very tardy on that job this year.

All up a rather slow week for us, especially for our second week of school, but there was a lot of “behind the scene” things that Mr S & I were dealing with this week. More of the the emotional side of caring for an elderly relative is so much greater than the physical side.

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