Monday, January 9, 2017

52 Weeks Through The Bible

Last year I was working my way through the Bible & decided to make some simple stickers to use in my planner to remind me of where I was each day. Last year I decided to use the "Variety Method" as I dubbed it. I'm certain it goes by other names, but what it is escapes me!

Instead of reading one book from start to finish you move around reading from various books each week. While it may be harder to determine how much of the Bible you've read at a given time, I really enjoyed this method because it broke down some of the books of Law into more manageable readings. Also, no endless days of begats, which was a delight too.

It also means you'll find some days are shorter reads where some days are longer. While I did type out the schedule into little boxes I could tick off I won't say I followed it top to bottom each day. I worked through each one each week in whatever way worked for me that week.

If you'd like to snag a set feel free to grab them here. I printed mine on full sheet label paper & just cut them out as I needed them. Mine were sized specifically for my Plum Paper planner sidebar, but I'm sure will fit in a variety of different planners if you're so inclined. Enjoy.

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