Monday, December 19, 2016

Week In Review: Week 39/9

We wrapped up our final week of our 2016 school year last week, & we ended it with a lovely getaway which was not only fun, but loaded with Australian History. Mr S & I had planned, months ago, to whisk the kids away on the 25th for a weekend away. We don't get the opportunity to get away as often as we'd like, so we knew that even a few days away would take a bit of an effort.

The entire week unfolded in the most chaotic way possible too! Thankfully Morgan was more then capable of keeping his own pace & finishing off the final chapters of his books while I attempted to make sense of the chaos. Mr S booked our car in last minute for a quick tune-up & a break check due to some concerns I had. Our mechanic is awesome & was willing to work on our car around his other clients. I dropped the car off nice & early on Tuesday morning & then biked back home.

The car was scheduled to be in overnight, but it turned out to be away for 2 nights, which meant we canceled our plans for Thanksgiving. Admittedly this hit me kinda hard because Thanksgiving tends to be the one time of year I feel a little displaced, especially when our plans get knocked askew. It happens, & you learn to make the best of it.

Wednesday, we had company coming for a late dinner, & of course with no car we had no groceries. Thankfully Mr S was passing a grocery shop on his way home & was able to pick up a few needed items. Morgan officially finished his last book on Wednesday & breathed a huge sigh of relief.

Thursday Mr S & I biked into town while the kids slept in & finally collected our car. The kids & I worked on putting the house back to rights & putting away all the school books that were still scattered all over the home.

Friday we packed our bags & hit the road. We went up the coastline a bit to a little town we'd intended to visit a couple of years ago. Our plans were dashed at that time when we found out Hollywood had invaded to film The Light Between The Oceans & we went in the opposite direction to avoid the chaos! It was with great anticipation we made our way up the coast to visit Stanley at long last.

The kids got a bit restless along the way, which might have a lot to do with the fact that the wind was crazy & on some parts of the road we had to go a bit slow due to excess gusts coming up off off the ocean. Or, it might have had to do with the fact that their long legs needed to stretch & they were getting pretty desperate for lunch. Either way, there was much excitement when we hit the welcome sign & I pulled over for a photo & some leg stretching.

We were only staying another couple of minutes up the road & after some lunch we decided to climb The Nut, an extinct volcano. The day was really windy & the chairlifts that can carry people up weren't running due to the excess wind which meant that we had the entire place to ourselves. It was quite the hike up the incredibly steep trail, have I got a funny story about that one! We managed the entire climb up, circuit around the top, & came back down before running into anyone. The kids dashed ahead on the way down & ran into another family who'd stopped to rest & asked Morgan if he'd take a family photo for them. Our boy was a little taken aback when they handed him their phone, but he obliged them.

On Saturday we hit an historical house, Highfield House, & spent a few hours touring, reading all the information available, & snapping oodles of photos. There were a few other families present, but most seemed to make a quick trip in & back out again. We had a grand time learning the history of the house, which is both amazing & tragic, before we headed down to the beach for a picnic lunch.

There is a self-guided historical tour in the town & we really wanted to hit it up, so after lunch we headed to the beginning point & put on our walking shoes. The town tells you it takes about an hour, but we managed to take about 2.5. Totally worth it, & we were really glad we all took water. Admittedly, the guys stopped off at a chocolate shop to pick up a treat each, & we also toured the historical grave yard looking for various markers that were suppose to be present.

We crashed for a while after that, before pulling ourselves together to hit the beach one final time. We'd hoped to spot the shipwreck that is suppose to be viewable, occasionally, at lowest tide, but we were a bit late on lowest tide.

Crazy full week, but it was just so lovely to get away! We took way too many photos, & even lost some along the way. I'll post more photos of our lovely getaway in the next few days, after we finish having out very late, but well anticipated Thanksgiving dinner. With all the chaoticness of last week we decided to wait until we came back from our mini-getaway to enjoy the festivities.

I can't believe I left this post in limbo for three {??} weeks. Good gracious time flies doesn't it? The boys are still doing a math lesson each week to finish off those pesky math books & stay fresh with things, & we are enjoying our traditional Jesse Tree devotionals as is often the case at this time of year.

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