Thursday, December 22, 2016

Historical Walk

The same day we checked out Highfield House we opted to check out the Historical Walk that was in town too. We'd stumbled upon it the evening before while out for a little jaunt down by the wharf. The idea is that you start at location one & follow the signs around town.

The catch is you kinda need a smartphone or tablet in order to get the most out of this tour. While the plaques at each location have a little quip on them, if you scan the QR code you'll hear a more in-depth speech about the location you're standing at. You'll also get a map to help you find your way around, because there's large spans between some, & smaller gaps between others.

If you enjoy geocaching & history it's likely to be as much of a win for your family as it was for ours! The information provided stated the walk would be a leisurely 60 minute, but somehow it managed to take us  3 hours! We're still chuckling about that because we find that the time offered up on signs around here is rather generous, indeed, & to find we'd taken that much extra time really blew us away.

Perhaps our extra time came, in part, due to the stop-off the guys made at the local chocolate shop where they each bought themselves some sugar laden treat & indulged in it while we debated if the object hanging in the shop across the street was an owl or a bear. It was an owl, if you're curious.

We also spend a large portion of time in the burial grounds, which are open to the public. It was one of the few places that was open to the public. Many of the historical homes are now privately owned or required you to search our a persons in order to obtain keys to gain entry. We didn't take the time to do that, but rather admired what we could from the outside, looking for the various locations that one was suppose to be able to see from where we stood.

One location told us that Matthew Flinders referred to the nut as a Christmas Pudding, & as we stood there gazing up the only words uttered were, "How much brandy was in his pudding?" In fairness it was likely much more dense with brush & trees than it is now, but considering he didn't have an ariel view of it we're still mystified by this comment.

The walk is suppose to loop you back around to your starting point, which it does, but we felt it was a little flawed as we had to walk back past a few key points & our caravan in order to locate our car & starting point. We stopped along the path back at some picnic tables & indulged in the bananas & water we'd packed "just incase", & would you know the same tourists we'd help chased down their map at Highfield house spotted us & came over to say hello again.

By the time we finally got back to our caravan, uploaded photos before we lost more, recharged devices so we could snap more photos & people refueled themselves everyone was a little listless & we decided to hit the beach. The guys had all gone down the day before, but I'd had to sit in the cabin & ice my knees after our hike on The Nut. After walking around the water front someone decided his feet were about to fall off & laid down for the night, we agreed & headed back to our caravan for the night.

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