Thursday, December 29, 2016

2017 Planners

It's that time of year again when the new planners are coming out, again I opted to purchase one instead of making a new one.  It's not that the homemade planners weren't working for me, but more of a time issue. They do take a great deal of time to make, & so I opted to purchase from Plum Paper again.

They've made a few cosmetic changes to the interior of their planners for the coming year, & added a few new sections one can choose to order if they want. They even had a sale earlier this year when they came out with larger sizes of some of their planners & I snagged all our school planners at that time. I debated the idea of saving money & using the school planner for a personal planner as well, but as the months ticked by & I was adding more & more to my personal planner that using one for school & personal just wasn't going to cut it.

While they did have another sale after Thanksgiving, I ordered earlier in order to get my planner prior to the end of year. I'm so glad I did too. Oddly, I have nearly identical covers on both planners! The one on the left is larger & I actually removed the cover it came with & pulled out a spare one I had with a more educational/family theme to it. I do so love that grey cover, but it seemed a little silly to have my name on the school planner.

I've been slowly adding information to both planners to have them ready come Sunday. It's hard to imagine an entire year has flown by, isn't it?

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Calm Blue Ocean said...

We went with Plum this year too Kendra. Tried the EC one last year and the set up was quite annoying.