Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Week In Review: Weeks 36-38/6-8

Wow, where has the time gone? We have mere days left to wrap up our school year in & I haven't updated our week in review posts in a while. I hate when I get behind on them & tend to drag my feet about getting them updated, but it's just so nice to have the record to look back on in the years to come. Mr S & I often get lost looking over old blog posts & revelling in how far we've come in our journey. If you're in the early baby pains of homeschooling, may I just say hang tough you'll make it!

As is normal when I fall behind my WIR posts I'm going to lump the various weeks into one & scrounge through the photos & hope I have a few. One child has decided he's photo-phobic of late. I tell him, & often, that I don't honestly care & snap a photo anyway. I've got a lot of photos with his hands covering his face, or some other silly thing happening. Funny thing is, he went through this phase a while back & was gutted when we were looking through old photos & he saw very few of himself, so this time around Mamma puts the camera on silent & moves on anyway respecting his wishes if he prefers me not to share photos.

Educational wise, we've been on a downward roll we never thought we'd reach! It's been exciting & crazy, & frazzling, but above all we've had to push each other to keep the pace. One morning a child asked how many more days to go & when I told him there was much cheering as he spent the morning hours working reminding himself of how many days he had left. Ahh, 40 weeks of school can do that to a person, right?

Both boys are on pace to lay their history aside after this week. Jayde cleared week 6 in BkSk Level 6 which is enough to give him breathing room in the New Year & easily finish the remaining 30 weeks of the curriculum in the 30 scheduled weeks of school ahead. Having said that he'll likely double up on some readings {because my kids are nerdy} & allow himself a bit more wiggle room when we resume our history lessons.

Morgan is still fully loving Core 100 & will wrap up his final reading of HUS Volume 3 next Monday. He got wrapped up in a few projects last week & will have just that one day hanging over him. He's still using the Study Guides to fill in after we review his reading for the day & then feels prepared to take the quiz after each book. It's been a great experience for him to get in the habit of taking notes, studying, & then taking his quizzes.

Morgan wrapped up Module 2 with Marine Biology. That particular module got really dragged out for whatever reason. While he's enjoyed the information he's learning & tells us all about it, he's really starting to run on empty. Thankfully that was all he needed to accomplish to put science away & concentrate on that final week of history I mentioned above.

Math is an ongoing process. Both boys will continue with math until the books are done despite being "officially" on school holidays on the 23rd. They'll have a few lessons left to wrap up which will be nice so they don't lose any steam in their progress. It's hard to imagine that after teaching math for the past 12 years I'm officially retiring as the math teacher in the New Year. My kids hit a point in math when I hand the teaching over to my husband who is very very capable & loves being involved. I'm far more hesitant & reluctant in certain mathematical areas so I prefer him to take over at that point so my hesitance doesn't pass on to the kids.

We wrapped up our lovely fun Election Unit from HSITW the week before the election took place. We really really enjoyed the unit & it helped answer many of the questions both kids had about how the process works. They had the opportunity to discuss how they'd make certain aspects work if they were president & quickly learned it's not as easy as they thought. Many fun discussions & debates too place before the study was wrapped up & slipped into notebooks.

Thus they entered into Election Week prepared & ready to watch history unfold. We spent much of Wednesday {time difference} watching things unfold, feeling the tensions build  It was a crazy crazy day & one I doubt my children will forget for a long time to come. We discussed the pros & cons of each candidate & they each cast a vote for their preferred choice. I think there was a collective sigh of relief when victory we declared so we could finally move around the house freely after watching the speech of the winning candidate. It's an interesting thing being an Expat & watching events like this unfold from another country...

Election Day also happened to be my birthday so we celebrated with what's becoming our traditional ice cream pie. It was an entirely unpatriotic, but wholly delicious desert to consume, & the gang made it all the better by singing a rousing chorus of Happy Birthday.

There were a few hockey games in there, all though we skipped one week due to utter exhaustion around here. The summer games are considerably more lax then the winter season, not that we mind entirely. The summer session is casual with a "show up if you want to play & pay if you do.." type thing happening. Somehow our boy has landed on a team, each week, where the rest of his teammates from the winter session are against him. It's caused him to pause a few times when going in for a tackle. He's really enjoying himself though, & we've enjoyed the banter between all the kids each week.

Their final assigned books of the year are still being read, all though a bit more slowly then normal as the warmer weather calls our names & beckons us to come enjoy it. We had a wild, wet, & windy spring & now that we are flying towards summer the weather is finally cheering up a bit & it's incredibly difficult to find ourselves indoors when the sun is shining & the birds are calling.

Next week will be short & simple, just wrapping up a few final overlapping things along with some math as we prepare ourselves for our annual Thanksgiving Celebrations. The gang has been debating pie flavours for weeks now.. I'm pretty sure if I only served turkey & pie they'd all be pretty ecstatic.

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