Thursday, November 3, 2016

An Election Unit

This week the boys & I detoured from our normal Book Basket to indulge in an Election Study. We had grand plans for Term 4 in which we'd indulge in an election unit & a government unit, but life happened & we had to jump into a new school year. I wasn't sure we'd actually get to the extras we normally save for our 4th term when many subjects have been cleared away & we have a little more space on our table, & I put the idea on the back burner.

However, as the kids watched the insane hoops I had to jump through in order to from vote overseas & the inundation of news reports we get even from afar they had an awful lot of questions. Not all could be cleared up with a nifty little election unit, but many could. While workloads are heavier with highs school levels I debated how we could make it work.

The eldest really didn't want to detour from his normal routine knowing that, down the line, it may mean he'd have more on his place then he wanted or might even possibly be able to manage. As the workload, especially in high school, is totally the child's responsibility I do everything I can to respect those lines in order to allow them to accomplish the work & manage their time as dutifully as they can.

Which is when I realised that if we just dropped our plethora of extra books for the week we'd have more then enough space/time to fit it in. Now, I'm not going to say they met this with joy, because we're in the middle of a pretty good sciencey book right now in which a young boy is attempting to collect elements & we left off in a pretty crazy spot, but once assured that we'd get right back into them after our Election Unit things calmed considerably.

I purchased, a few months ago, Homeschool In The Woods awesome Election Lap-Pak. HSITW has expanded their product line with several new types of products & this is just one of them. With this being an election year I really didn't want to pass up the opportunity to expand on it, & in the end I'm really glad we didn't.

We loved listening to the narration & tackling some of the hands on components afterwards before moving into our regular studies. We ended up with quite the stash of little booklets of information too. I love having a tangible line of proof that my kids actually did work, this is fantastic for showing to our home moderator. My kids loving having something to look back on & being able to refer to it so it tends to be a win-win situation.

With this product we opted not to make it into a lapbook but to simply glue the components onto coloured paper which they can then file into their timeline notebooks. Being a government type unit & not entirely time sensitive it could be filed in many different sections, but they'll file it under 2016 {or as close as they can to that timeframe} as some of the information included was specific to 2016.

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