Thursday, October 6, 2016

Artist Of The Month: Andy Warhol

A month or so ago, we met up with friends one of whom is an artsy Mamma who use to host a monthly art club for a few of the local home educators.

We really loved Art Club even though our boys were the oldest ones present. They still walked away having learned something fun & having tried out a new medium or era of art.

Times change & with that came the dissolving of Art Club for now. We were saddened by it, because honestly I'm really really bad about digging out anything artsy for the kids to do. Sure, they draw a lot & try out things, but that's the extent of it.

So, when we met up with friends a month ago the Mamma offered to do an art project with the kids. She'd had one ready to roll for Art Club but it never happened. We jumped on the chance & said we'd love to take part. The project was based on pop art, specifically one of Warhol's projects. We viewed some of his art, & heard about how much one of his famous paintings had recently sold for. Then the kids all set about making their projects. It was crazy & fun.

When we came home I checked the shelf thinking I might have had a book about Warhol, but I didn't. Bummer. Our library, however did. Getting To Know.. books are fun, all be them a little bit juvenal depending on the age range you are aiming for. It was a great over view for my guys though & they found the illustrators interpretation of the text rather amusing.

We read through the book last Thursday & then I pulled up my trusty Pinterest board of art projects I figured we might tackle one day, & showed the kids the ones based on Warhol's works. My projects were flagged ages about, but all pertain to the infamous Soup Can artwork. Which didn't bother the kids, because they found a considerable amount of Warhol's art a bit too out there for them.

They each chose a different project, but both projects came from Art Projects For Kids. You've checked out that website, right? I find it a huge blessing that the author shares so many of the projects she tries first hand right in her art classroom.

One of the boys wants to draw his can of soup from scratch, but he confessed that he's super picky about his art work so it might take him forever. I told him it didn't need to be perfect, but he disagreed. We've put all their former art projects from Art Club in a special notebook, so the idea was to attempt to continue on our own. Here's hoping he doesn't take the rest of the year to finish his soup can.. or end up with a huge one on canvas!

The other one decided he'd rather colour in a soup can that was all ready drawn. I printed out the Trading Cards from the APFK blog for him & said it was his choice to make them as actual trading cards or just to colour them in with vibrant colours & come up with crazy soup names, or you know.. semi-normal soups if he desires.

I did suggest they use markers for this project because I figured the colours would be more vibrant like the pop-art we looked at & read about, but in fairness art is a personal thing & I'll just have to wait to see what they come up with.

The project neither of them chose was a simple soup can label to colour in & then place on a tin of soup. On the bright side, it's probably best they didn't choose it because we couldn't have flattened the soup tin to put in their art portfolio, but on the other hand it would have been funny to see it sitting in the pantry.

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