Friday, October 14, 2016


Last week was a bit of a blur as we had so many projects going on at one time. On top of that I'm fighting some type of upper respiratory mess that knocked me out with a pretty nasty fever one evening. Thankfully the kids are pretty good at keeping the pace on their own.

I also noticed at the end of the week I didn't have too many photos so you'll have to make do with a lot less photos this week. I snapped the photo to the left when I was reviewing the kids planners to see what they'd accomplished one day.

I made the Don't Forget stickers for the kids daily tasks that they often seem to state, "I forgot.." about. I leave blank spaces for them to add something of their own to. I was happily slurping away on a bottle of water when I spotted "Wii" in one child's planner. It was all I could do not to spit out the water.

He asked me what was so funny & when I pointed to it in his planner he gave me the scathing look of, "How dare you laugh at my seriousness.." So I moved on to ask what he was mapping. He told me it was a secret project he was working on & would be revealed in due time. Haha, I didn't ask if he was referring to the Civil War game he was making.

Morgan's week started on Sunday evening with math. He & Mr S usually tackle a new lesson on Saturday, but there was that pesky Grand Final that particular Saturday & pizza making to attend to. It was a bit later in the evening, but they managed whatever it was they were up to.

Jayden tackled a new math lesson as well, but we were so busy learning the new concept there's no photographic proof. This may be the first lesson in his book where he's really struggled to take the concept from his brain & put it on paper. He understands it, but often misrepresents it when he writes it down so we'll be staying here next week as well.

We're moving at a pretty good clip through Fix-It which I don't mind. I really wanted to move to the meatier portion of the programme to get the kids into new material or material they needed to review. We've had a few weeks where things have been tricky, but for the most part it's been smooth sailing for them.

We tackled spelling & writing this week for both as well. Again, no pictorial proof. Morgan is still fully in love with Cover Story & enjoying the slow methodical pace. He will only do one more lesson before laying it aside for the remainder of 2016. I hope when he picks it up in the new year he hits those meatier lesson.

Jayden is working at a slow pace through Writers In Residence Volume 1 which is okay with me. I had to chuckle with the notes he put aside for his first writing session because in the end he didn't use them for what he actually wrote about. That boy!

Both boys wrapped up another week in history. We didn't get to as many of the extras with Jayde as normal, which bummed me more then him. He enjoyed reading the encyclopedia on his own, but that was about all the "extra" he got in aside from the 3 main lessons of MOH last week.

Morgan is moving incredibly quickly through his SL Core right now. I'm impressed with his pace & curious to see if it will remain this fast throughout. He started Stink Alley, one of the few books I actually pre-read! I'm curious to hear how he likes it because it certainly is an interesting, all be it quick, read. He finished his first volume of HUS this week & needs to prep for a test to accompany it.

I am not big on testing in general, but I do feel it's important that my children can take tests, & take them well. I also feel it's important that they aren't intimidated by the idea of a test so we'll be using the Hewitt tests that accompany the HUS books for our boy this year.

Morgan is still loving his Marine Biology, & working away at his notebook with it. He had a few experiments to tackle last week & had help one day from his beloved Archimedes. Notice his alert manner in the photo above? He was most confused by the transferring of liquid from one cup to the other, but horrified by the turkey baster that was being used to accomplish the job. At least he wasn't attempting to eat the books or experiment this time around!!

Jayden did science on Sunday with Mr S & they had a blast. Unfortunately I forgot to snag photos from Mr S to post, & will have to find them later. However, despite the fun that was had Jayden asked to go back to the science boom from last year, which he hadn't fully completed. I have absolutely no issue with this, so we will return to the book by Dr Wile.

Wednesday afternoon I mentioned a harebrained scheme I had in regards to rearranging a few things. My kids suggested I not do this, & after doing some measuring & thinking I agreed that it was probably not a wise idea at the time. However, my youngest decided to go clear off one of the shelves & then expectedly waited for me to be delighted in his efforts & get the ball rolling for my plans.

Considering he & I had a rough morning {which is secret language for we had a spat} I really didn't want to crush his attempt at helping & being kind. So, the rearranging began.. It took all evening & well into Thursday. The kids attempted to work around towering piles of books asking where their notebooks or planners were. It was seriously insane, & of course we didn't have enough book space when all was said & done.

Friday afternoon I shouted road trip, much to Morgan's horror {he had school work he wasn't sure he should leave unattended} & whisked them away up the coast. We picked up a new cube shelf from a hardware shop up that way, then checked out the newly remodeled library up there. If you're curious, we hated it. It looks fresh & open & has plenty of room, but they seem to have gotten rid of half their books!

Then we hit a crafting store, which was a total bust for what I was after, & headed towards home. There were cries of ravenous hunger from the backseat & I debated taking the kids to the new American Diner in town, but decided that would be so cruel without Mr S in tow. So we pulled into a McDonalds instead where we can't even consume 98% of the menu & treated ourselves to the few things we could eat without getting sick.

As we piled back in the car & discussed what to pick up at the shop on the way home we got a txt from Mr S saying he was headed home. Home?! I was confused, it was a whole hour early, until I remembered no one had changed the clock in the car from the time change we'd endured on MONDAY! Whoops..

We told him where we were & that we were just popping into the shop for dinner supplies, which was when he informed us he hadn't taken the spare house key. Brilliant, "Just climb in the school room window, I think we left it ajar." Yeah, he wasn't having that. So the boys & I opted to make quick time in the grocery & got funny stares as we were running past people like our lives were at stake.. until we saw the American pumpkins. There were gasps of joy & delight, & whiel we didn't buy a large one that were listed for $3 a kilo {crazy!} we did pick up 2 minis. Then we remembered poor Mr S & made a break for it.

A whirlwind end to our week, but one we're unlikely to forget anytime soon, that's for sure. If you look closely at the picture above you'll see two bundled up figures at the water's edge. One is bent in half collecting ocean water for the new weeks experiments while the other decided he'd keep an eye out for: sharks, whales, attacking birds, & anyone from unnamed political parties who might discourage the collecting of ocean water to better educate your mind.

Seriously, I'm just glad the nearest person was far enough away that they couldn't hear the maniacal laughter coming from the two of them!

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