Tuesday, October 4, 2016

2016 Week In Review: Week 32/2

Our weeks look kinda funny in these weekly wrap-ups right now, but there’s purpose to it & I like to keep them semi-organised so that when I’m looking for specific years I can easily locate them. Hopefully it’s not too confusing.

We had another busy week here, but this time it was more academic business then the outside stuff. We tend to be one of those weirder than normal homeschool families who prefer to keep the home in homeschool. Meaning, I’m not big on lots of days outside of the house unless they are after the normal learning hours, so while we were busy this week it was a calmer sense of business for us.

Mr S’ works schedule changed as his office moved out of the business district & into the industrial area for now. This means he can still bike to work without as many hazards & dangers he’d normally face. So thankful for such an awesome boss who didn’t mind the half hour change. It was a little strange for the rest of us, at first, to see Mr S join us in the library for smoothies & the beginning portion of our morning routine though. 

Our only outing this week was Hockey Clinic for Morgan. Most local youth sports run a clinic during school holidays & we’ve not always taken advantage of attending. I really debated signing him up for this one, & when I asked him if he was keen his only response was, “Yeah, but what about my school work?” I pointed out it would keep.

It turned out to be a beautiful day, but wouldn’t you know not a single person from his team or league even showed up! I was kinda bummed for him, but my boy took it all in stride. One of the refs from his league was there so when they asked people to partner up that’s who he partnered up with. He also quickly befriended the fellow running the clinic & was full of questions for him.

Jayden took school work with him & busily worked away. You know, it’s pretty amazing how much more this kid can accomplish in a very small time period when he’s out in public. You’d honestly think that being in a public setting would be a distraction for him, but he’s not really that into hockey so his only distraction was the fact that he hadn’t brought shorts & really wanted to go swimming. The hockey field is across the street from the beach, & the waves were calling his name.

Writers In Resident arrived last week so we were able to dig into that this week. It’s incremental in steps, & comes with a schedule in the front in typical Apologia fashion. I’m so-so with the schedule, but I’ve always felt so-so about Apologia schedules. They tend to schedule really light days followed by really heavy days instead of even keel days across the board. Needless to say we’ll be altering the schedule so we can have an even pace. In the mean time, there were no complaints for his first week of writing. We’ll see how next week goes when we get into the actual writing sessions.

Morgan is still enjoying Cover Story & was cracking up so loudly one morning the rest of us came in to see what on earth was going on. Professor Schwabauer had himself one ripper of a video going on & admittedly we all hung out to check on the outcome. Speaking of scheduling, this course only requires video lessons three times per week, so our boy tends to do them every other day to give himself breathing room for the writing exercises as they arrive. All though thus far none have been very in-depth.

That’s not a complaint, as I know the curriculum is slowly building up to things, it’s more an observation. We’re coming from a year of a pretty intense writing course with a lot of writing each week. We didn’t dislike the programme, but it is nice to have a slightly slower pace this year.

It took a bit for Jaydie to full grab his math lesson this week. This kid is a funny one, we had the same disagreement each day when he’d start his lesson, & each day I’d draw a diagram of the fraction as though it were a pizza & then he’d be off & running. Ahh, my sweet little SWC. Ha! 

Morgan’s math this week was more geometry based & while he had the concepts down pat he kept making the same silly mistake in his equations. Mr S teaches math in our home at this level so while I was cooking dinner one evening I expressed my concern & how he may need to consider visual aids. Yes, I actually did, sometimes it’s hard to let go of things we’re so use to doing! Anyway, Mr S rose to the challenge & created some origami pyramids.

Jayden wrapped up another 3 lesson in MOH Vol. 1 this week. His lessons are still light in history at this stage, which is something I anticipated. My hope is that we’ll be able to work some projects & in-depth studies of various time frames in as we continue forward, but we’ll see. After he reads each lesson I review the challenge cards with him, basically using them to be sure he grasped the crux of his lessons. He also read 2-3 page in the Usborne Ancient World Encyclopedia after we do the challenge cards.

We finally wrapped up the introduction in Kings & Carpenters this week, wrapping up pages .. -.. We’re really enjoying reading Lamps, Scrolls, & Goatskin Bottles. This is one we had to read when Morgan did Ancients, but for some reason we never got to it. It’s more a cultural look, but very enjoyable. We didn’t read as many chapter sin The Ark, The Reed, & The Fire Cloud this week. Morgan loves to sit in on this one, so we held of reading it during his hockey clinic & never ended up getting to it later in the day.

Morgan is still loving his Sonlight Core. He’s run into a few unusual things this week that had him pulling more books off the shelf & googling things. Not to mention the constant, “Hey did you guys know..” that we get to hear. I really enjoy when they opt to share, especially when it’s because we’re doing or discussing something that has brought the lesson to mind. He’s nearly wrapped up the first volume of The History Of Us  & has 1 chapter or so to go of Before Columbus.

We ended up watching a few Drive-Thru history movies this week: Ancients Episode 1, which is very similiar, if not identical, to the Holy Land video we watched. Mind you, I wasn’t as tuned into this particular episode as it started out very much like one we’d seen previously so I was busy upgrading grades, filling in planners for the new week, & other such things. They also watched Us History Episode 2 which is fantastic timing considering the book Morgan will dig into next week.

Jayden isn’t feeling the love with his science book, & admittedly science is totally not my thing unless it’s zoology or oceanography based. However, I try not to allow my dislike for a subject brush off onto my kids. So we evaluated what he wasn’t liking which was, “The same introduction from the last book! Seriously, do they think there is anyone alive on earth who doesn’t know what matter or atoms are?” Ha! 

We also tackled a few fun experiments this week, all though he made me go out in the road to retrieve that stone because he was wearing a onesie & didn’t want the neighbours to think he forgot to get dressed. He didn’t, mind you, he purposefully pulled out a onesie to wear! Then declared that the best thing about homeschooling is not having to wear a uniform, as if he even knows what that is like!!!

Morgan dug into his Marine Biology this week. There is no notebook for Marine Biology available so he’s making his own this year copying down all the vocabulary words he comes across, the OYO questions, & some of the diagrams. He’s not up to the study test yet so I haven’t decided how we’ll handle that.  He also had some experiments this week, & came in to announce we needed to go to the beach. Mind you, it was pouring with rain out, sheep grazier warnings were being issued, & so were marine wind warnings. I asked how important it was, & we decided it could wait until the weather calmed.. We went down the following day & he collected a bottle of seawater which he promptly brought home & stuck a post-it on stating, “Drink at your own risk. May contain whale or other ocean life.” I promise, the bottle is not that big.

In our book basket this week we read from our new poetry book. We’re enjoying it, but had a chuckle at a few repeated poems all ready. We made it up to Day 8 in Why Pray & hit 1 Timothy in our Bible reading. We continued with Operation Yes!, Wile E. Coyote Science, & Fallacy Detective. We didn’t get to many of our other books this week due to the change in our morning routine, however, we did end up reading a book about Andy Warhol & the kids each picked a project to do based on the infamous soup can art.

We also tackled Spelling, Fix-It Grammar, & the laser maze this week. A much busier week, academically, then last but enjoyable all the same. The kids books showed up in the mail so next week they’ll get to dig into those as well! 


Allie said...

Love the post-it note message on the bottle of ocean water! :) I think I'd be more worried about the ocean life I couldn't see, though!

Coreline Mayfield said...

Always interested to hear what you have to say about Cover Story. We are in the trenches with IEW and it's intense. The kids are enjoying it but Cover Story sounds so fun, looks like it could be something to introduce next year.