Monday, September 26, 2016

Week In Review: Week 31 -- 1

Back to work around here this week. We had a delightful term break which involved many rounds of ping pong in which we all realised we'll never be Olympic quality, but likely make a huge spectacle of ourselves much to our neighbour's delight. Caught up with a bit of mowing, only to be behind again, & enjoyed many lazy afternoons curled up with books.

We enjoyed visiting with family, walks on the beach, exploring the library without people fighting over computers & vying for top bean bags, & met up with Mr S a few times for lunch too. All in all, it was a refreshing & fantastic term break & thus a small shock for some to be back in the throws of work, but here we are! Most of our new curriculum has arrived, shelved, & ready to be opened & used. There were a few things still in transit which I'll share about later, but enough was present to have a decent week.

I refilled our Book Basket & made an outline of intentions to use with it. Some books are in audio format which is nice to give my throat a break. I can go through a litre or two of water when emptying our book basket! We did not get a chance to break into the planned Aussie history books yet.

Morgan started Cover Story on Monday, something he's been eager to delve into for a while. It's much lighter then his last writing curriculum, but I'm expecting it to pick up speed as it moves forward, we'll see though. His former curriculum was known for being rather rigorous. Unfortunately, I wasn't well enough versed to see he needed magazines for Monday's assignment & as we don't tend to have any floating around it meant a slight halt on the homework side of things.

Tuesday the car was in the shop thanks to no break lights. I'd checked all the fuses, while showing the boys how to work that, & Mr S had checked the bulbs {which the boys all ready know how to do} & everything in those areas was fine. Morgan decided to "look into" the matter & decided to self diagnose the car with a bad break switch. Much to his delight when I called the mechanic & expressed the problem & what we'd done he also diagnosed the car with a bad break switch which he offered to fix first thing Tuesday morning. I left the kids at home to get going on work & hit the news agency for magazines. I scouted out 4 options & sent photos to Morgan who gave thumbs up on all 4, after my purchases I went for a walk around the block before retreating to the mechanic to collect the car.

Both boys moved forward in their math lessons. They are both still finishing up books from earlier in the year as we hadn't anticipated classifying ourselves in new grades/years. I'm not too stressed about the whole situation. Morgan's reached a point in maths where he now does lessons on the weekends with Mr S because it's all "above my pay grade". They seem to have a grand amount of fun with whatever on earth they are doing, & the end result is what we need so I call that win-win. Jayden is good to continue as normal for a bit longer yet.

Jayde started his Mystery Of History {MOH} this week. I was worried he'd find it a little dull knowing the first few lessons are going to be very very familiar for him, but I warned him that while the pre-tests are done orally & more "for fun" with Mom to decide what he knows, the weekly quizzes were a different story. As we're using the curriculum as designed it's only 3 lessons per week.

I also have him read 3 pages from the Usborne Encyclopedia each day. He was very distraught about this idea on our first day so I sat with him & read to him. I realised that the first day's reading had a whacky background that was just killing his VPD. This was a week of introductions so he only ended up reading pgs 1-5.

We also began Kings & Carpenters {6-9}, Lamps & Scrolls {p1-11}, & The Ark, The Reed, & The Fire Cloud {chp 1-2} last week. The objective is to read 2-3 pages from the first 2 books until we finish them & a chapter or three from the final book depending on length. Generally we're only reading these books Monday - Wednesday when he's doing his MOH, but we'll see if things change any as our year progresses.

Morgan delved into Core 100 which much delight at the start of the week. We're using an older version from Sonlight because the book list was more what I was after. I'm still changing a few books, but not many. He began with A History Of Us: Volume 1 & Before Columbus this week. Our version doesn't schedule the Columbus book, but we'd heard many lovely things about it & opted to go for it. He's loving both of them & raving about them enough I'm feeling compelled to get reading. This is the first time I haven't pre-read most of what my child is reading. I don't feel that I have to pre-read because this child is more then happy to come forward & lodge a complaint if something goes against what he feels to be right, but I like to pre-read!

The Laser Maze got a workout this week too, which was one of the things Jayde was super excited about. He found Challenge #1 way too easy, as well as Challenge #2. Morgan decided to attempt Challenge #60 & while he eventually cracked it without help pointed out that it's likely why the first challenges are simple to build up your knowledge of how each piece of the maze works.

We didn't start science, saving it for next week when we are a little less frazzled. Jayden didn't begin writing because I was just not sold on the writing curriculum in his Timberdoodle kit, the new book I ordered hadn't arrived. Neither child had assigned reading outside of their history due to those books not arriving yet either. Having said that, the older's nose was in a book all week as Gram sent him several books that arrived over term break so he was delighted to continue on with that series.

Amongst the craziness of a new week we also went to a friend's birthday party one afternoon, ahh the joys of homeschooling! Jayde made cupcakes to take along. The boys had a blast spending time with friends & enjoying all that goes with a party: cake. Seriously, you'd think we never had cake the way Jayde raved about it for 2 days! His friend was so sweet to make sure that the food was safe for our boy, & I think the idea that he could indulge in a slice of cake just swooned him.

Friday we met up with other friends at the beach. The weather was just so delightful & we when we ran into them {literally} the day previously we pre-arranged to meet at the park the following afternoon. We were thoroughly worn out by Friday evening! So much so that we got all the way home & it took me 2 days to realise I collected 3 of our 4 holds from the library!!

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