Friday, September 16, 2016


Marie's Words is a box full of 550 pictorial vocabulary words that are the work of a student prepping for their SAT.  They are pretty fun to work into a daily routine & something we use to use each day alongside our Memory Box & Book Basket. However, we fell away from using them over the last year or so & while prepping for the new year someone requested we bring them back in because he really missed them. I had to agree with him.

The way you use the cards is completely up to you. Some years we'd each close our eyes & just pluck a card at random out of the box & slip it on a ring. The ring full of cards would go into the memory box & we'd review the cards each day until we each knew the word, it's meaning, & so on. Other times we might just have fun pulling cards out of the box & guessing what it meant if you weren't sure, al la Balderdash. Either way, it's generally a few minutes of fun with lasting results.

The front of the cards are pretty fun in regards to the picture. I'm pretty sure my boys know exactly what this word means but when I spotted it in the box I stuck it in our stash for the first week because I thought the photo was just so funny. One of my children actually has a phone just like this, he may not have a mobile phone, but he does have a retro phone. Ha!

See the hole at the top of the card? I didn't punch that, each card comes pre-punched just like that. Makes it super easy to get a stack of them on a ring. I opted not to use the ring this time for a few reasons, the biggest one being that at the time I couldn't find any spare rings in the house. What is up with that? Mr S thought I was super funny two days later when I was in K-Mart & spotted some heavy duty index cards on a ring with a glittery pink cover for $1.

I told him I could have cared less about the ugly pink glittery cover, I so don't like glittery anything, but that the ring & the cards for a dollar was an absolute steal. So much so I bought 2 packs, but by then I'd all ready slipped these cards into a baseball card sleeve.

The other big reason I opted to put them in a sleeve is that we have tons of these crazy sleeves. My siblings & I collected baseball & football cards growing up. I often sent mine off to the clubs to get them signed & the players were generally very kind to sign them & return them to me.. anyway, when Mom was cleaning up in the attic a while back she sent my boys the card sleeves. Funnily enough my kids don't collect sports cards. They did have Pokemon & Club Penguin cards in them for a while, but found it to painful to remove them each time they wanted to play.

I figured as we finish each stack of cards we can hang the the sleeve full on the wall to review & quiz each other on. Remember, my kids go nutty for trivia games & love quizzing each other on all sorts of odd things. In fact, I'm pretty sure if I just told them that quizzes & tests are just trivia games they'd love them.

The back of the cards are more business like with the pronunciation guide, the definition, part of speech, & then the various synonyms & antonyms that can be used. The cards are also numbered, to help aid in alphabetizing the cards. I probably should not let my eldest take note of that or he's likely to not let us use them until he's put them all in numerical order & then request that we use them in order.

After all, this is the same kid who made his little brother wait for 20 minutes while he put all the crayons in the box in colour & size order. It was amusing to watch, to be quite honest. Not to mention the patience of each child all those years ago..

When we hang up the cards we'll keep the picture side forward to quiz ourselves on, but be able to flip to the back to verify if we're right. Now to find the wall space for a few hundred cards to hang on the wall where we'll see them each day..

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