Thursday, September 29, 2016

Square Pyramid Visuals

Someone’s learning how to measure the surface area of solids this week in their math. The only problem is said person keeps forgetting there are 4 sides to a pyramid, which means they are forgetting a pretty important step in their formula. 

I was lamenting this fact to Mr S because he’s actually the one who teaches the higher maths in our home. He does lessons on Saturday & Sunday which generally allows the child{ren} to be off & running throughout the week without needing much, if any, help. 

Between complaints about my gluten-free chicken coating I told Mr S he might need to consider the idea of building a 3-d type pyramid so that the 4 sides were visible. Even high schoolers aren’t above if it helps to accomplish the job!

After a quick google search & a few videos that were pretty intense for their origami pyramids Mr S settled on this one & managed to make 3 of them while I finished making dinner. Of course when the kids came out to eat they were pretty keen to know why on earth there were 3 pyramids on the table.

One was keen to use his vegetables to play “the cup” game, while the other was pretty certain he knew what was up. So much so that when someone mentioned the word pyramids he decided to correct us by telling us it was really a square pyramid or something down that line. To which I screamed, “KA-CHING!!!” & then prattled on about the 4 visible sides. 

Chances are if the pyramid itself wasn’t enough to help him remember to multiply by 4, or the fact that his mother screamed "Ka-Ching!" freaking out everyone at the dinner table, then his little brother's determination to use the spare pyramids for catapult ammunition likely will.

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