Friday, September 30, 2016

Happy Mail: Books

We still have a few books trailing in for the new term & they started arriving this week, hooray! I was actually really glad they arrived on Wednesday & not Thursday as our town was due for some pretty heavy amounts of rainfall & the parcel delivery service doesn't always ring the bell to announce there are parcels. Such was the case with both of these books, one of which was left half in our post-box, while the other was on the front porch.

Dash is part of the Dogs Of WWII series. Jayde had been asking a lot about Pearl Harbour having only lightly covered the topic during his years of US history at a younger age. While he's not studying US history this year when I spotted this story I thought he might love it. This is the story of a young girl of Japanese descent & what becomes of her family during the dark days after Pearl Harbour.

Finding books for our boy can be pretty hard going at times, prior to his VPD diagnosis he was seeing, what are known in the Irlen world as, classic rivers. While he was more then capable of reading it made reading a bit of a chore & explains his lack of comprehension. Now that we've got his filters {tinted glasses} we've struggled to find decent books for him. He needed time to allow his brain to heal, remember Irlen is a brain thing, not a vision thing! This meant having him read below his reading level & it bored him to tears at times. Other times he didn't mind the story, but didn't enjoy the book overall for it's lack of depth.

I have a few more books flagged for him over the course of the year & I've reminded him that if his brain isn't ready to read large chunks of a book yet that's fine, we're not in a race. Admittedly he wasn't very keen when he first saw the book, so we sat down & took turns guessing what the book might be about based on it's cover. Then I read the back of the book to him & a slow smile crept over his face. It'd be nice to see that smile remain there while he reads the book, but only time will tell for that one.

The other book that arrived this week was Journey Through The Bible. I mentioned this one was on order in another post & was delighted to have it finally arrive. The book is loaded with maps, pictures, drawings, & more for the entire Bible. Some books are broken down by chapters where others are just covered as a whole. So far we've just had fun flipping through it & stopping at things that really catch our eyes. For instance, there's a chart to show Goliath's size compared to the average man at that time, or the Sumerian tablet with a work order on it that would have been around doing Abraham's time. Our plan is to read the corresponding pages in this book that match up with his chapters of MOH for the week.

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