Tuesday, September 27, 2016


A couple of years ago we were walking a nature trail near our home, one of those moments of, "Hey let's go on an adventure!" things on a beautiful Saturday morning. It was a completely insane thing to do, mostly because we didn't actually hit the right starting point, nope, instead we drove all the way around the mountain to an access road where we parked, & then checked out the path.

The path had all these random arrows with no real signs. It was kinda crazy & fun & exciting until a few hours passed & we had no snacks for the kids, the water was gone.. you know how it goes, right? The problem hadn't been getting to our destination, but taking the loop back! The arrow on the path indicated one way which led us a few kilometres away from where we'd parked & required walking up a narrow winding mountain road with 2 small kids.

On our way back home we discussed all the yummies we could have for lunch & then, because everyone was exhausted we discussed putting on a long movie & making a few snacks to go with it. Our plans were going along just fine until we sat down with our lunch & movie. The phone rang & Nana informed us she was on her way with the uncles. Her brother's had arrived from another continent & they were on their way to our house for a visit.

My gang got up & flew through the house, dumping hiking boots in odd places, throwing random bits of things in closets, the oven, the fridge, & even the dishwasher. Thankfully The Uncles weren't keen to look in cupboards because we'd have all had a shock.  Our weekend adventure is one we've not really forgotten!

However, we refused to be defeated by the crazy loop path & were determined to figure it out. We downloaded a more recent map, which turned out to be really outdated & missing half the paths, & decided, before setting out, to check out the area on google maps. Which led us to realise that on the very street we lived on, next door to a neighbour we visited often, there was a path to the loop!

The second trip up the mountain was much less daunting because we were prepared for trick loops, took a phone with GPS on it, & had the outdated map which we quickly ditched. We also took the dog, who upon command will find the quickest route home. This generally means crawling under brambles, over the largest fallen trees he can find, & leach infested creeks but he's never failed us to be honest.

Our trip was so simplistic this time that the guys played Lewis & Clark from atop the main point while I happily snapped photos of their shenanigans. The dog, much put out at the idea of having to answer to Seaman instead of his own name, began going a bit nutty near a crevice in the giant lizard my guys were standing on. By giant lizard I'm not referring to the living type, but the type someone made out of rock. The guys were still atop this giant lizard & I jokingly said, "Bet there's a blue tongue in there!"

My guys aren't actually afraid of lizards, all though one of them isn't particularly keen on them after having one surprise him one day. Mr S leaned down to pull the dog away & have a peek & rather then a lizard pulled out a cache which is part of many hidden around Tasmania. We opted, at that time, not to sign the book or take/leave anything, but instead said we'd come back & do it properly at another time. Which we did, all though someone had left the item we'd meant to leave behind so Mr S threw in a business card with a discount code on it, & thus began our experience with geocaching.

My guys are always up for a good hunt & things like geocaching & orienteering really appeal to them. We like that they can be done as a family & with larger groups or without. This weekend proved to be fantastic weather to go geocaching, which sometimes loses out to family bike rides. 2 people need bigger bikes & 1 of us needs air in their tires, so biking was going to be a lot more effort then grabbing a pencil & hitting the road was.

We went out with the intention of hunting 1 or 2 down & then coming home, but 4 hours later we decided we'd look for just one more before hitting the road. The big downer to geocaching is that you'll get a few whispers & eye rolls from people who presume you're playing Pokemon Go! Honestly, if someone wants to play Pokemon I can't see waisting time rolling your eyes about it, but it does crack us up a bit. We had look-out parties happening on Sunday amused everyone but the dog. He found all our nonsense bothersome, mostly because the cries of, "Found it!" didn't include doggie sized prizes.

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