Monday, August 29, 2016

Simple Cherry Ice Cream

We missed out on cherry season last summer. It was a very narrow window due to unusually weather. We had a crazy wild spring, followed by a hot dry summer & it was just kinda sad that we didn't get to enjoy as many cherries as we'd normally enjoy over the summer months.

Cherry fever hit our house, after the short summer supply, a month or so ago & our local shop had some frozen ones on special so I picked them up. The boys wanted to make banana splits complete with "cherries on top" & all that hoopla. I wasn't opposed, but in all fairness, banana splits are crazy here because we have to make every aspect, except the banana, from scratch.

One afternoon the youngest was wishing we had ice cream & while we didn't I told him I had an idea. We chucked our bag of cherries in the blender with some chilled coconut cream we had in the fridge & he was chuffed with the ice cream treat.

We've made it a few times since then, thanks to half price cherry sales, & it's a huge hit each time. The batch above was a little less thick as we dunked in a little too much coconut cream when mixing it up. Here's our pretty basic recipe:

Cherry "Ice Cream"

500g cherries
coconut cream

We throw the cherries in, then the cream, I'd start with about 1/4 cup & work up as needed. You don't want to burn out your blender. We have one of those nifty fancy pants blenders so it's pretty tough & has a tamper tool making it super easy to whirl all sorts of creations together with little effort.  We haven't tried freezing it after making it up because it doesn't last that long.

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