Saturday, August 13, 2016

Looking Ahead

Things have been rather quiet around here on the blog. Life has this way of taking us in directions we didn't imagine & then dropping us off at random intervals. None of it's surprising to our Creator, but it sure can be surprising to us, can't it? Such is the way of things around our home lately..

Our youngest is still dealing with days riddled with anxiety, all though they are much brighter days then they were at the start of this journey. He's better equipped to handle the moments when things weigh him down, most of the time. We're learning, alongside him, to look for his triggers, to notice when things aren't quite ride & offer what we can to him.

He's faced many of the fears that were holding him back, & some he's weathered bravely & others he's needed to retreat from. We know he'll make it, but the journey can be rough at times. Add that to teenage hormones & some days are a real struggle, but we'll get there.

He's still not content with school, & we've made some big changes for him in the year ahead. In fact his new curriculum arrived yesterday much to his chagrin. He was hoping it wouldn't arrive before 2025. Once the box was opened he changed his mind a little bit, & I really think once we dig into it he'll find his groove & I hope a bit of his joy in learning again. Time will tell.

The eldest is still steadfastly working away at his pile of school for the year. He'll wrap up his history early, which excites him to have the time to focus on the literature he'll have left to deal with as well as many electives as he hones his ideas on what he'd like to do with himself for the future as we attempt to help him map out his 4 Year Plan for the future.

This has led to some interesting discussions about jobs he could pursue in fields of interest. We've even discovered many jobs that could combine many passions he has. Much of the remainder of his year will be dabbling in the various fields that he's interested in to help him choose the direction he'll need to take in the 4 years of high school ahead of him.

Yes, 4 years. We're choosing to stick with the US methods despite our current location. We have a few reasons for this choice, but we aren't quite ready to share all of them yet. What I will share is that at this stage we're also persuing an Umbrella school for Expats for our high schooler so he can walk away with an accredited diploma. Depending on which of these options we choose he'd even have the option of participating in a graduation ceremony if he wanted to travel to the appropriate location.

Our boy is looking towards the arts or history for his focus beyond high school, & I'm excited to see what the Lord has in store for his future. I know whatever he choose to do he'll be incredibly dedicated & passionate about it, regardless of how long & difficult the journey may be. I'm excited & nervous for him as he finished up this chapter & prepared himself for the next.

I've been battling an onslaught of migraines, something I haven't dealt with in a long while. After helping Nana battle through a virus of some sort, countless amounts of chicken soup seemed to help, I managed to pick up a cough & with it came the crazy headache. I'm ready for it to hit the road as it's really hampering my ability to cope with things & it's really messing with my VPD.

While celebrating Nana's 82nd birthday my VPD went a little nutty under the lights in her home. Our home is generally bright during the day & dark in the evening as we don't have many lamps on. It tends to catch guests off guard, but for the VPD sufferers it's easier to deal with natural light then artificial. I ended up asking my eldest for his ball cap, he generally wears one everywhere he goes, but he'd left it in the car. I must have looked a real sight because the poor kid took one look at me & dashed out to the car for the hat. When I say light sets off VPD, I'm not kidding. I popped that hat on which blocked out the lightbulbs & my head settled down & I was able to rescue the carpet from near death when the youngest dropped a lit match on the floor. And thus he, & I, learned a valuable lesson about lighting 82 birthday candles.

Mr S is, as always, crazy busy at work & then comes home to help in any way he can. He's an absolute champ rolling up his sleeves & jumping in with the tasks I'm not able to accomplish while dealing with this migraine. He's become a personal math tutor around here as the eldest embarks on Algebra, in which I'm little help in explaining the why behind the formulas. Mr S has also embraced Crazy Science Lab Teacher who breaks out popsicles & other funny treats while they wait on longer experiments to "do their thing". Oh the memories these kids will walk away with, right?

So here we are. A crazy mess of insanity, but loving every minute of it.. or most of those minutes anyway.

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Jen's Busy Days said...

Sorry about the headaches. I know how badly I cope with life when I get my sinus headaches associated with my grass allergies. It is getting warmer during the days up here in Brisbane and while I look forward to swimming in the surf again I do not like how my allergies flare up with the warmth. I hope they go away soon. Best wishes,Jen in Qld