Wednesday, August 31, 2016

2016 Week In Review: Weeks 23-30

I've fallen behind with our Weeks in Review this term as things have just been so crazy. Rather then break down the past 8 weeks individually I thought I'd give a recap of what we've been up to over the past 8 weeks for school:

We wrapped up our poetry book, devotional, & several more read alouds. We enjoyed the poetry book, but I won't say we loved it like we have others. I think our favourite is still the book we used in 2015. The boys & I read I Am David a couple of weeks ago. While it was a book I'd set aside for Morgan to read with his history I knew Jayden would really enjoy the book as well so opted to pull it out & do together. The book has a long standing history with the men in the family & I didn't want either of the boys to miss out.

We also read Operation Yes! together which is a fun listen. It too was part of Morgan's list of books to attend to, but again I knew my younger would also appreciate it. I really love the story in Operation Yes! as it shows how military families {especially children} juggle the emotions of their parents being deployed or the constant moving around that adds up to a bit of instability for them.

We've moved through Acts, Romans, I & II Corinthians, Ephesians, & Colossians in our Bible readings. We haven't read each of these books in full as our schedule has us just gleaming a few chapters here & there. I had a chuckle one day when I turned on the audio version of Ephesians & after a few verses one of the boys pointed out that was the same chapter we'd read the previous day.

We've yet to settle on a new devotional. Most of what we have on the shelf is geared for years gone by, & come November we'll start our annual Jesse Tree devotionals. We may pull a simple devotional off the shelf & run with that for a while, or we may just continue forward with Bible readings for the month of September.

Morgan wrapped up all of Bookshark History 7 & was completely smitten with every aspect of it. He ended up working on the core independently balancing his own scheduled for readers & read alouds as he took over doing all of it himself. He's been raving about how much he's loved it for weeks now.

Both boys have worked on their science, all though Morgan stuck with his schedule where as Jayden tended to limp along. Morgan wrapped up Physical Science for now & will move into his new science book in Term 4. I know some will wonder how on earth he finished the book early, so I want to clarify that he did not complete every lesson. There are reason we are moving him into the new curriculum before that has happened & we'll share about that in another post.

Lots & lots of reading. Jayden wrapped up 2 more readers that he was given, all though claiming he didn't like them. He's a hard cookie at times, but finally stated that while there was nothing wrong with the story he found the books a bit below him. Ahh, the trouble of helping one's brain heal while keeping reading skills fresh. I disgusted him with yet another simplistic book to finish off the term with & need to look for more grade appropriate books for him for Term 4.

Morgan's enjoyed carving his own path with his stash of assigned readers this year & has wrapped up another book from his stack, Mr Lemonchello's Library which felt a long time coming. As his academic work grew in length & depth he found he had less time to dig in deep with some of these readers, & his pace slowed. While he enjoyed this book, I'm guessing he didn't enjoy it as much as his last two which he opted to read at all times of the day, where as he's had his nose in other books outside of school lately.

Morgan's hockey season wrapped up at the start of August with a show-down between his team & the other team that was at the top of the ladder. Keep in mind they only had 3 full teams this year due to low turnouts so the third team was divided amongst Red & Green so they could join in the fray as well. Excuse the blurry photo it's kinda hard to catch this kid in action as he's generally in the thick of things. He's the one in the red hunched up against the young man dressed in black. They were in a fantastic lock/tackle for the ball.

He's been completely smitten by hockey & spent the weeks of the olympics carefully scheduling his school around hockey games. He was desperate to watch the Kookaburra's game that was airing at midnight, & I stayed up to watch it with him. We were sooo tired & it was such a heart wrenching loss to witness, but hey what a memory we'll have for it, right? Unfortunately both the HockeyRoos & the Kookaburra's were knocked out of the Olympic finals for medals, & we had to really chase down times to catch any of the other hockey matches.

We met up with friends to participate in another fun art project. This time we heard about Pop Art & Andy Warhol. The kids were pretty shocked to learn how much the 7 Elvis painting sold for, & when Jayden finished his own project & realised he hadn't signed the front of it decided he'd be lucky to get a measly penny for his art work. Ahh, that boy! We're waiting on the library to bring in a book on Warhol & then we'll try our hands, at home, on another couple of projects based on his style of art.

Both boys finished off their writing books, their previous spelling books, & are ever so nearly done with math books. Slowly but surely they are working their way towards the finish line. Next term we were set to do a few different things, but have decided to go ahead & slide into some of the new curriculum rather then wait until next year. I'll have to share about those choices in another post.

Jayden pulled out his mega cool robot & was working with that for a bit too. He still needs to focus on programming it to do a few things, but he couldn't stop laughing each time he asked if it could dance & it would attempt this funny little jig. His bird isn't too fussed about it either & has been caught perched on the bot's hand a few times. Cracks me up each time I see it.

Despite our scare with Nana earlier in the term she's doing fantastically well & we surprised her with dinner, flowers, chocolates, & a chocolate pie for her 82nd birthday. It's very very difficult to make a GREAT cake that fits all the allergen criteria in our home. We've nearly mastered a beautiful buckwheat cake, but as it can be fickle I went for the pie method instead which is safe for all of us. Our theory was that on your 82nd birthday you've likely all ready celebrated with 81 cakes. Funniest part was she'd all ready had 2 cakes that day from friends & groups she meets with regularly.

It's been a crazy crazy term for us, much more crazy then the other 2 this year, but it wasn't a bad term. Morgan kept himself on track the entire way & finished ahead of schedule which was really impressive to watch. He holds himself to some pretty high standards & goals, had a few setbacks, but in the end stuck it out. Jayden's term was slightly more lax then I'd normally care to see but he did faithfully attend to his reading, math, & language arts daily, with a fare dose of science thrown in there.

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