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2016 Week In Review: Week 22

We've reached that point in our school year where I can't remember what week we're on unless I refer to the calendar. It gets kinda crazy when you can't remember which week you're on & you're trying to do a quick long range planning session! On the other hand, it's kinda nice to know we're far enough into the school year that the weeks are no longer slowly trickling by.

Of course, this also means the year is flying us by. We flipped the calendars over to welcome in July this week & it was a bit of a shock to realise just how much of the year had also flown by.

This week also marked the date for American Independence Day, Happy 240th Birthday America!! We seem to celebrate a little differently each year depending on when it falls, & this year was no different.. some things were done on the day of, & some things were saved until the weekend with chatter about pre-planning for next year, agreeing to the day off school & Mr S taking the day off work. We shall see, we shall see..

In our Bible readings this week we finished up the book of John. It was both fulfilling & strange to finish it off. We read John from front to back where as with other books of the Bible we've skipped around a bit to gain an overall perspective of them. We're using one of our older SL Bible Reading Schedules, as I'm often asked what we use for a Bible reading Schedule. Having said that there are many free ones available online which is what we'll likely end up using next year.

Our poetry book is so small this year & scheduled so differently & we decided to skip the pre-made schedule & read all the poems by one poet each day. It's been interesting & we certainly appreciate some poets over others. We were delighted to find Waltzing Matilda & Mulga Bill in our book to read last week, amongst other fun poems.

We are nearing the end of our Devotional, but we're not quite there yet. We tend to only use it 4x a week as our 5th school day is for catching up, electives, & outings. We'll probably have about 3 weeks left in it if we maintain that schedule. We're all ready on the hunt for another lovely devotional, we own a few we could certainly reuse so we'll see what happens.

Morgan bolstered on with his history, as per normal. I have no idea where he is in SOTW because he does it entirely on his own & then comes to tell me all sorts of interesting facts, after he's looked them up in the encyclopedia, &, at times, Googled them. He's been pretty amazed by some of the information he's gathered this year.

He finished off The Good Master & absolutely loved the book. He hasn't stopped raving about it & was delighted to learn that the next book has the same characters in it, just a little bit older. I generally pre-read all his books. This is a common thing amongst many parents, but truthfully I only pre-read most of them in order to know exactly what my boy is talking about. He absolutely loves to discuss books. Unfortunately, this is one I didn't pre-read as I was going to read it to him, but he's plowed onward alone which is lovely & sad all at the same time..

Our whiteboard often has some kind of chaos on it. This is actually neat for us. Mr S has been known to leave silly drawings & messages for the kids & then, of course, they in turn find it funny to make slight changes & see how long it takes him to notice. This week our board had some different spelling patters & the water cycle on it. It is, however, free of math problems which is a bit of a shocker.

One of the boys hit a hiccup with math this week & much to his frustration I urged him to back up 2 lessons & start again. He did so, all be it while dragging his feet. The hope is that by backing up he'll regain what he's struggling with & march solidly forward. So far so good, all though I did hear him shout out, "No one in their right mind says stupid things like Sally is 5x times older then Ann who is A times older then Susan." If your child should burst out with this, I'm going to warn you right now, don't laugh. Just don't.

The other one continued to move forward in his own lessons. Ahh fractions, I'm torn between absolute delight in the unlikely event of ever having to teach this particular subject again & moments of panic lest I've forgotten something. Honestly, I may be asking the kids for math help before long!

Jayden did a couple lessons of science last week, he was scheduled to do one a day, but his anxiety was really in overdrive last week & getting him to focus on things was rough stuff. He was incredibly tired from it all, & I opted to just work on the basics with him. In our home that means: Reading & Math without doubt, & writing if possible.

He spent a good deal of time reading his current reader, Ralph S Mouse which he insists he doesn't like, but seems be making rather quick work of.. He does enjoy animal stories, but he's also not one for feel-good type stories. He likes the stories to be fast paced, gripping, & adventurous. He still lists his favourite book being the one he was given for Christmas this year called Mercy Dog of World War I.

He had a couple of good days & worked on his Wonders Of The World Lap-Pak & loved making the Stone-Henge booklet. He also worked on a few others that I seem to have managed not to get a photo of. One of them was the Leaning Tower Of Pisa which reminded me of a university library in the town we use to live in. While the library is not leaning there is nothing on the top floor. When the library was built they did not take into account the weight of the books & so to be sure that the thing doesn't fall down the top floor is empty. I've always been a little skeptical of that story, but it keeps circulating..

He also watched one of the documentaries I'd flagged for watching on TLOP & wasn't certain he wanted to watch the whole thing, but information about the tower & WW2 came up which rather engulfed him while I spent ages looking for a missing ruler. Yes, a ruler. Morgan's working from home & a specific ruler is his main tool. The thing has entirely disappeared, but anyway..

We did accomplish writing this week too, all though that is likely to be the last week for Jayden with WWE. The boys are using Fix-It Grammar! & I'm debating using the sentences in there that he grammatically fixes for dictation.  I didn't have Morgan do any writing this week either as we look over the final few lessons in his book & debate which ones he'll tackle before we put it away for the year as well. We'll likely pull out Story Starters for him to use, but we'll see.

We hit our 100th day of school this week as well. I'd mentioned it the day prior to the kids who weren't paying attention, so when I mentioned it on the day of one says, "That's odd, it doesn't feel like it.." while the other instantly said, "No wonder I'm so tired of school." Ha! Yep, that pretty much sums up each child's attitude about school, without doubt.

No, we are not required to count days, hours, or anything else for school here in regards to reporting, but I've often kept track of our days. All though, I'm told that I probably don't give as much credit as I should.. To that I clearly pointed out the camping trip I counted considering children who go to a brick & mortar school at certain levels have a camping trip which is, indeed, counted as a school day. Mr S just chuckled at me..

Jayden received this amazing Meccano Robot for his birthday from a grandparent & he enlisted Morgan to help him with the fiddly bits of it. Morgan works on it every morning for him while we're doing our Book Basket & each day it looks a little more like it should. It's been on small feat getting that thing put together & everyone is now lobbying for nicknames for the crazy bot!

We continued reading Journey To The Centre Of The Earth this week during our book basket time. It's been great timing to read this book while Morgan is studying Earth type sciences. We also pulled out the 2 newer versions of the movie, better known as Journey 1 & 2 around here, & watched those a while back. I figured it was better if they watched them again BEFORE we finished the book to look for similarities. Mr S has never quite gotten over the kids sitting on the sofa shouting the whole time we watched a Heidi movie that it was not right at all & that Grandfather would have never, EVER, acted like that.

We also had our annual reading of The Declaration Of Independence. This is the book I mentioned in a previous post. This particular photo has always sent my kids into fits of hysterics, all though at least one of them tries, very hard, to remain unmoved by the pictures these days. He was doing great until I burst out with, "Well it looks like ol' Thomas Jefferson will make a great recruit for the local footy club!"

No hockey this week as the school kids are on term break. There was a Hockey Skills Clinic we were going to attend, but didn't quite make it. We settled for some walks between various crazy weather we've been having around here.

All in all, not a bad week.

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Allie said...

I'm glad to hear M loved "The Good Master". I'll have to come back and read more later. (Just skimming for now.) We loved "The Singing Tree", too.