Thursday, July 7, 2016

2016 Week In Review: Week 21

We had our first week back to business around here last week. We had a few hiccups along the way as we pulled ourselves back into our routine, but the majority of our week went reasonably smoothly. We have one who enjoys sleeping in, & that caused for some longer days for him & later starts for subjects & books we do together. The gloomy winter mornings really are a struggle for everyone to get up & rolling, especially when the sun doesn't rise until nearly 8am!

We're looking for that happy medium for the sleepy head while the rest of us maintain a semi-normal schedule. Or at least our normal winter schedule.

Both boys opted to review previous math lessons to be sure they were ready to move on. One had no issue, the other elicited much help for various problems. I was a bit surprised by that because previous to our break he was flying along. We'll see how things progress from here.

We stared our new IEW book, Fix-It Grammar. We're hoping it gets a little deeper as we move along. For now it's extremely simplistic & we're looking at moving through it an excelerated pace to get to the meat of things we're not familiar with yet. In the mean time, the ease of it allowed even my most intimidated student to ask if he could do the whole week's worth of work in one day. Go for it Mate!

Our Book Basket was heavily abandoned as our week progressed. Those late starts mean one child was all ready deep into his own studies & it was quite difficult to find them not busy at the same time. On Thursday afternoon I rounded them both up so we could dip into our devotional & catch up on our Bible reading. They begged for Journey To The Centre Of The Earth which they are thoroughly loving. Not a huge surprise there.. We also managed our poetry book a couple of times last week, but not daily as we would normally.

Morgan hit Week 20 & parts of 21 in his Bookshark this week. He's all over with his readers, but began The Good Master last week which he's been raving about since he started. I walked through the lounge and heard him chuckling away with it one day. He's still very much enjoying his time with Story Of The World, he's in Volume 3 & about halfway down with it, as well as Kingfisher. I'm not sure if our Kingfisher will survive, the poor cover is getting mangled from the spine. Sad, but a sign it's well loved.

Jayden changed plans before we even began the term & kicked off with learning about the 7 Ancient Wonders via HSITW's Wonders of The World, or WOW as we call it around here. He was really smitten by the information he learned & pulled out the Usborne Ancient History Encyclopedia to look for things. We'd intended to watch the documentary I'd flagged, but never got to it.

We started our new spelling book this week which caused mixed emotions for some. I think with the words in the next level starting out so simplistic there was a little annoyance, but the words will build up over time. Admittedly if the kids ace day 1 & I don't see words later int he week that they will likely struggle with we either advance forward or leave it for the rest of the week. As people were dragging this week we ended up leaving it after the first 2 days resulted in 100% for each. I did however offer some gumballs as a little encouragement to get people to the spelling table on Monday.

We spent Friday hanging at the library & the park, because we're totally geeky like that. Never fear we cleaned the house top to bottom first & even dropped some parcels off at the post office. We're in the process of selling curriculum we're well & truely done with in order to make room for next years.

In fact we ended up staying so late at the park the sun was nearly gone, not hard in these winter months & Mr S met us there after work. At which point I called it a dinner free-for-all, which is better known in most homes as, "fix-it yourself.." Not our best foot forward for the first week of term, but it was also not the worst.

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