Monday, June 27, 2016

Wonders of The World

While rounding up resources for an election & government study for our final term of the school year, I discovered one the latest Lap-Pak by HSITW: Wonders Of The World. It brought a quick change of plans about as someone got pretty excited to use it! As this will be the crux of his work over the term I decided to round up a few extras for each of the various Wonders to enrich his study.

Please note that it's always best to watch videos to decide if they are appropriate for your own family. I've opted to choose 1 longer documentary & 1-2 shorter videos depending on our time. We've watched some previously, & others are ones we'll watch together. I've included a few websites as well, especially if the Wonder had it's own. I will round up links for the Modern Wonders for this Lap-Pak when we hit that portion.

The Ancient Wonders Of The World:

BBC Documentary on the Seven Wonders Of The World.'s Seven Wonder Of The Ancient World {short videos & photos}.


Discover New's Why Is Stonehenge Still A Mystery:

Stonehenge Documentary:

The Leaning Tower Of Pisa:

Inside the learning Tower Of Pisa Video:

BritLab's Why Does The Leaning Tower Of Pisa Lean:

The Learning Tower Of Pisa's website.

The Colosseum:

Discovery's The Roman Colosseum: The Real Truth

Drive Thru History's Ancient Rome:'s Short videos on the various aspects of the Colosseum
Rome's website on the Roman Colosseum

Hagia Sophia:


Jewel Of The Byzantine:

Hagia Sophia's own website.

The Great Wall of China:

National Geographic's Documentary:

National Geographic 4 minute video:

China's Great Wall Of China Website.

The Catacombs of Kom el Shoqafa:


Unmuseum's Website {lovely photos}

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