Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Random Messages

Sometimes we send insanely funny photos to Mr S while he's at work to break up the monotony of sitting at a desk all day. We've been known to be the reason the whole office is chuckling with laughter, asking for another photo or two, & even had them all gather in for a group photo in reply.

Here's a small collection of a few crazy photos & captions we put with them. To Mr S's boss, thanks for not minding our insanity or the random chuckles he spits out during quite moments & the occasional meeting.

Great, someone peed on the floor again!! I thought our potty training days were long over.

Hey, if your meeting gets too dry just shout this out, might be wise to be sure no one else speaks French first. You say it: "To {short e} es bet." Be sure to say it with some real force & then smile.

Hey check it out, we found a boat.. when the boys offered to clean the beach after the flood I didn't know this kinda work would be involved. And no, we're not bringing it home, but I'm considering charging for spectator fees. You should see the crowd of onlookers checking out the boat. 

Maybe this explains why you feel like I'm talking another language most of the time. Maybe I am. Bwahaha. Wait, that wasn't another language, that was just my evil laugh!

The dog is unimpressed with your idea that he shouldn't sleep on the stool. I told him to take it up with you, & this is the look he gave me. I'm pretty sure that's Dog for, "I hate you!" I told him I was never taking him for a walk again & he misunderstood me & is now expecting a prompt walk.

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