Saturday, June 25, 2016

Cinema Adventures

We're not regular cinema attendees. The truth is it's down right costly to go to the movies around here, & it can be equally hard to find something everyone wants to see at one time, but it's always been Nana's tradition to treat grandchildren to a picture or two during term break.

She'd wanted to take the boys to see OddBall way back in the beginning of the year, but it was just after Jayden's big scare & he was really worried about going. As it turned out the movie wasn't actually playing anymore anyway. Then when The Peanuts movie came out there was hopes of going to that one, but between time constraints {we weren't on term break} & waiting to long to try to get tickets it just didn't happen.

Back at the end of our 2nd term Angry Birds was playing at the local cinema & Nana really wanted to take the kids. Mind you, she was keen to take them to whatever, but it was the one film playing I knew both children would enjoy. This caused some minor issues because Jayde was still pretty nervous to go to the pictures, especially without Mom & Dad. We've been slowly encouraging him to face various fears helping him along the way, & he's made huge strides through it all.

This was just one more thing we needed to tackle with him, so rather then ask him if he was ready we made a time & date with Nana. Only, minutes before we were suppose to leave Mr S hopped online to check how long the film was, & realised I'd gotten the times mixed up {thank you VPD} & we had to go to a later showing.

Not an entirely bad thing as it gave our boy time to adjust to the idea that he was going. I told him I was going to pop into the mall below the cinema & pick up a couple of things & then I'd be waiting in the lobby for him when he got done. I told him this over & over, I enlisted friends around the world to pray for him during the time he'd be in seeing the film, & I secretly left my mobile phone with the eldest. I told him to leave it turned off unless something happened, then to step out of the cinema, ring Mr S's phone {which I had} & I'd be there as quickly as I could.

I thought I had it al covered as I dropped them off, helped them get up the stairs, the boys refuse to use the elevator with Nana anymore. Last time they did they got stuck inside & she wouldn't stop smashing the emergency help button so they could hear what the fellow on the other side was telling them to do in order to get out. It's actually something we can all laugh at now, but it's burned them out on elevators.

We get them up there, we remind them where I'll be. I remind them to call Dad's phone & not mine because they'll have mine. The lady opened up the correct cinema & after seeing them in I walked out. Mr S was with me, & we'd no sooner hit the stepped outside the cinema & turned around then there was Jayden. He says, "They are forcing us to watch X-Men."

Now, I know my kid & I know he probably heard "scary movie" & ran for it. Not that X-Men is scary for some people, but for a 12 year old little boy who is trying to cope with a fear it's a pretty big huge issue. Especially for a 12 year old kid who's never been allowed to watch any movie over a PG rating. So I take a deep breath & say, "Let's go find out, they can't force you to watch anything."

As I'm trying to go in, the worker is trying to come out. She says, "He just ran, he ran so fast! I was trying to catch him, but I couldn't." As it turned out, the original clerk booked them in for the wrong movie, but they quickly fixed the problem, we reviewed what previews were likely to be playing & reminded our boy that if any preview came on that made him uncomfortable he could close his eyes & his brother would tell him when it was over. We left again.

Our mall is very small & kinda crazy with little to choose from. At 4pm on a Sunday evening it's pretty much closed up. I managed to get the items I needed all from one shop, which was nice because when I walked out everything else was closed up. We wasted some time in McDonald's attempting to get a bottle of water & then watched a few boats come into port & a few more go out before we wandered back into the cinema. We sat downstairs watching the previews for upcoming movies until we realised that we'd watched the whole reel a half dozen times.

We moved upstairs to a sofa just outside the cinema the kids were in. Which reminded me of another reason I hate going to the cinemas. I have super super sensitive ears & I despise loud anything. I'm the girl who has the volume "cranked up" on you know, 4 or 5 & anything louder will elicit a shout from me of, "For goodness sake turn that down before my ears burst!" My family thinks I'm a nutter, but I can honestly blame it on the whole SSS/VPD thing which affects all 5 senses.

In order to help me block out the noise Mr S pulled up FoxSports live on his phone & we sat there huddled together {much to the amusement of the attendant} with one earplug each watching the footy game that day. When the gang finally came out of the movie & we got in the car I announced I still had to stop by the grocery.

Mr Jayden pipes up from the back seat with, "Uh, why didn't you just go while we were at the movies?"

"I said I'd wait in the lobby, & I did. I was sitting there for 3/4 of the time you were in the movies!"

"What! Why? I mean I'm embaressed to admit this to you, but I wasn't even thinking of you! You should have just gone to the store to save us time."

Thank you. Thank you very much. Hey, at least he can check another fear off his list, right? Maybe..

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