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2016 Week In Review: Weeks 15 & 16

I'm behind on our weekly wrap up posts, I didn't realise how far behind I was until I went to verify how many weeks of term were left. I thought we were on our 5th week of term last week, but as it turned out we were in our 6th week. Pretty big difference when you consider we only do 10 weeks. We were all dragging a little & realising we were at the halfway mark rather inspired us to keep going. Imagine the delight when they realised they'd crossed that point!

Things have been crazy busy around our place so here's hoping my photos actually match up with that we've been doing, learning, & enjoying.

Our book basket is always brimming with good finds. Our current reads are above. The top left book has been a huge help to our anxiety ridden child. In fact, we'd spent some time working through various tips for helping him learn to overcome some fears. The base line of the book is to address your fear & ask yourself "What's the worst that can happen."

During a recent rain storm I noticed he wasn't coping well so I pulled him aside & started going through the list of questions in the book. When we got to that key question he shouted, "WE COULD ALL DIE!" Okay, he had me there. However, we worked through why he felt that way & were able to alleviate his fear enough that the following evening when a thunder storm rolled in he pulled out his aides & set up camp sleeping the night through while the rest of us were on edge wondering if he was okay.

We've crossed the halfway point in our devotional & are both excited & saddened. We've spent the last 2 years working through our AIO devotionals & when we finish that one that's it. While we are aware of the third one, it's more activity based so we're not intending to use it.

We swap between poetry books. Last year we had a lovely thick poetry book that we read every day. This year our poetry book was only a couple of times a week. I pulled out an older American poetry book & just read a poem or two from that on the opposite days.

It Couldn't Just Happen has been on our list to read for a while & the time seemed right considering the topics in both kids science books & the fact that our newest family read aloud is Journey To The Centre of The Earth. We'll see how we go, we've been working very slowly through ICJH, but our current read aloud is in audio format as I've been dealing with an on again off again sore throat.

My ever artistic child is in the midst of making yet another board game. I saw him scratching out the design for a new game & getting frustrated with keeping all his lines nice & even, which led me to ask him if he'd ever considered using Numbers for making the board. This was a new concept to him so I opened up the programme & showed him how quick it was to make everything the same size. From there I showed him how to drag the images into the programme to be sure when printed out they'd fit exactly into the boxes like he wanted. The cards are things he's making himself. The game board is huge, but everything is stuck down with blu-tac in hopes of reusing the board later down the road.. His idea, not mine.

Speaking of games, Mr Jayde has been itching to own A House Divided for a long time, but the game shop we often buy from is always out of stock. I spotted it on Ebay & purchased it for him. We all managed to keep the surprised despite his constant yammering & telling us about this game he was hoping would come back into stock ANY day now. Funniest part is he hasn't actually played it yet. He's determined to learn it himself, & is holding out refusing to allow anyone to help him figure it out. We'll see if the changes or not.. In the mean time we're all eager to see this game in action after the long wait!

Despite ordering the other game a week prior, a game I purchased for Morgan showed up first. The Hobbit game was on special through our normal game shop for more then 50% off. He's eyed this one up a few times debating purchasing it, but was always worried that the $50+ price tag might not be worth the outcome of the game. When I spotted it on sale & saw we had $11 with in-store credit I picked it up for him. He was delightedly surprised! They've played this one several times over & taught Mr S how to play it over the weekend.

Both boys are moving steadily forward in math. Jayde made it through 2 days of math before I realised he hadn't quite grasped the lecture. The upside is that it allowed him to learn the lesson in smaller bite sized bits which worked out perfectly for him. Morgan's reached the point with MUS where he has short lectures & then 15+ minute lectures. Regardless he's doing fine with it all & set to finish his book a few weeks prior to the end of our year if he has no set-backs between now & then.

We wrapped up our beloved Pinocchio book. It took us a while to really pick a steady pace with it as we had a fair amount going on, but once we did the kids were captivated. They still have questions about Italian bedtime stories, but they truely loved Pinocchio's story. Our copy was illustrated by Mr Ingpen, aren't his drawings beautiful? One of the lovely things about his books is that there's a quip about the author of the story in the front. We learned that Mr Collodi wrote the story in installments for a children's newspaper/magazine & he set it to end with chapter 15, but readers were so horrified they begged for more! Can you imagine ending the story with the naughty puppet hanging from a tree?

We had an interruption in our studies 2 weeks in a row. Mr S hung out with us for a little bit one day while he waited for confirmation that his office had power. The following day, as he was about to head off, I broke the news that the heater in our learning room wasn't working. It resulted in having to have a brand new one installed. Not exactly planned for, but we took our books to the other end of the house while all the work happened in here. Then delighted in curling up in a lovely warm room with our read aloud that afternoon.

We wrapped up Book A in our LA. We had a few hiccups with the book, but have decided to terry on & see how we feel about Book B. There are some areas the boys need work in & then a larger area where it's such simplistic review that I wonder if we need to move into something a bit harder. This has led me to some research, but more on that later.

Our beloved Art Club was back up & running this month. We were meant to meet 2 weeks ago, but the weather was insanely crazy & it was called off. We met the following week instead. The project was based on cubism, which resulted in a lot of laughs as each child tried to follow the instructions. Both boys are "okay" with their final project but decided that while it was fun to see their project unfold before them, cubism is still not their thing.

Morgan has wrapped up another module in his science scoring a 100% on the module test. He was really really nervous about that particular test because he felt that all the things he'd learned sounded so similar they were crashing together in his head, but in the end he did fantastic. The photo above is one of the few experiments he was able to try out. We've had a few issues getting some supplies for the various experiments which as resulted in relying on YouTube. If you happen to be one of those homeschoolers who records your science experiments: THANK YOU, we've had to rely on many of those!

Jayden is still plugging away with his Civil War study. Slow & steady wins the race, right? He's still very much in love with both books on the left. He's enjoyed the bottom right book which is read with a southern twang that I can turn on & off on a whim. It cracks my kids up. The top book is his current assigned book. He should have finished it by now, but he hasn't. I've had some issues finding books he really enjoys as his tastes are very unique compared to his brothers. In the end I've decided, for now, to have him use the same course Morgan used last year. The books are solid & ones we have no issues with. I told him that he doesn't have to love EVERY book & I won't make him read every book, but the practice alone will be good for him. Morgan piped up reminding him that after reading all those books {which he loved} Dr T was astonished to see he'd progressed 2 or 3 grade in reading. We'll see how it goes.

Morgan is back in hockey again & delighted. He absolutely loves the sport & is delighted that this season is played in the evening when it's dark. This kid can see amazingly well in the dark without lights. Unfortunately his first game was rained out & his first practice/training session was spent darting between the field & shelter. However, it hasn't dampened his spirits any!

He wrapped up another week in Robotics & found that it's getting increasingly more in depth as each week goes along. He had a minor issue with the assessment in Week 2 which taught him that going back & studying is a needed skill. Thankfully he realised it before attempting the assessment 3x. He has one final week of the programme to go & if he passes that assessment he'll gain a certificate for his efforts. He's really enjoyed this professor which has helped him really enjoy this course.

Morgan's books are in the photo above. He wrapped up Vol. 3 of SOTW last week, which is amazing but shocking. We've been using SOTW for the past 18 months so it's kinda crazy to think he's finally in the last volume! He still deals with the Encyclopedia on his own & then tells us all about the insane things he's learned. I'm not sure that book will make it to Jayden's turn as it's taken a real beating! He absolutely loved Sherwood Ring & is dying for me to finish it so he can chat all about it. He's worried if he talks about it before I finish it he'll give away a few secrets. I started reading Only The Names Remain with him, but he found it quicker to do on his own. Our progress with the European History book has been so slow the past 2 weeks, it's all most painful. However, at long last we wrapped up the chapter we were on & are moving into the Industrial Revolution with it.

The Island Of Dr Libris is one he's reading. It came from the list of books I put together to have him read as "assigned" books for school. While this kid is great about reading in general it's important to me that they have assigned books. It allows me to keep an eye on their progress & to know if a visit with their specialist is in need of happening NOW or if they can wait until our normal annual appointment. He's absolutely in love with the book, & it's inspired him to read a few classic's we've net yet gotten to. Others that we have he's dug out & double checked scenes after references to them in his book. He has another book by this author on his list for the year {next actually I think} & I hope he loves it just as much!

Spelling & writing happened as well. We were a little less consistent with spelling as I found the kids had no issues with the words for those two weeks. Instead we'd review the one or two words they'd stumbled with & move onward. Morgan wrapped up the halfway point in his writing book last week & is pretty excited about it. While he doesn't dislike the book, once he finishes it for the year he gets to play with creative writing & he's very keen for that. I'm debating letting him do a year of creative writing next year & then the year after going back to expository writing. I'm undecided though..

And that rather wraps up our past 2 weeks. They've been crazy busy & full, but they've also been cold & wet which has kept us inside & busily working..

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We read "Mr Lincoln's High Tech War", also, and enjoyed it. We loved "The Sherwood Ring"!