Sunday, May 29, 2016

More Books

Last Friday we wrapped up our school week with an outing to the local used book store. We were in hopes of finding a copy of Redwall, & while we didn't accomplish that task we sure did find a load of other fun books.

While scanning the children's fiction section we found a plethora of children's Australian literature. I tend to snatch these up as it's insanely hard to find Australian literature in our library. I know, kinda weird right? In order to read many Australian books one has to travel a great distance & can't check the books out of that particular library, so it's always a really exciting moment when we find Australian books. 

Someone was clearing out their Horrible History Stash & we just so happened to be there in order to snatch them all up. We own a set of Horrible Science & Horrible Geography & love them both. The books are written with kids in mind & are really fun to read aloud. I've found that my kids remember more from those little books then some of the other choices we've made. 

As for the crazy The Glorious Book Of Great British Weapons, I had a complainer on my hands who wondered when we'd be leaving to catch up with Mr S for lunch. I told him not until he found a book. There was an audible groan & then a whispered, "But there's nothing good here today!" I picked up the first book I saw & said, "Oh yeah, then what about this!" It just so happened to be that book. It's actually a really neat little book, & includes things like horse & cart, castles, etc. It'll be fantastic for the Redwall study I'm working on for Term 3. 

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