Sunday, May 1, 2016

2016 Week In Review: Week 14

Week 14 in our school year, or the 4th week of Term 2! Wow, time is flying by. I actually had to count that out 3 times last week to be sure I had the numbers right.

Last week started with a long weekend due to Anzac Day. As per our normal traditions we paid of respects at the local family service in town. I was all for going to the Dawn Service this year, but I was out voted 3-1.

The Family Service is really quite lovely. We heard from a Military man with more credentials than I can possibly remember who shared a fun story that the last living Anzac shared before his own death. The short version is that the young man went through a nightmare of battle, escaped alive, was brought back to health, & then captures as a POW. Years later he managed to escape & make it back to home soil & upon arriving in Melbourne had no idea what to do with himself & thus went to the nearest Red Cross tent & upon seeing the nurse said to her, "I was a POW & have just returned." Her reply was, "So, I suppose you'll be wanting a cup of tea then, won't you?" It may be the first year there was a sputter of laughter amongst the snuffle of tears.

Morgan enrolled with Swinburne University again this term to try out a Mobile Robotics Class. He's really impressed with this class compared to the last one he took as he finds the instructor much more engaging. Not to mention she shared her high school {or was it college} accomplishment in regards to building a robot & he was highly inspired & awed. It's a 4 week course so it was great timing for him to enrol, & he's pretty pleased with his scores for the first week.

We continued with the majority of the books in this basket. Excuse the cloth it's for glasses which often seem to be fingerprinted up or something odd like that. It's actually a great cloth & works without any form of spray.. As for the books we continued with It Couldn't Just Happen which we're reading at an incredibly slow pace. Pinocchio which has left my kids wondering exactly what kind of bedtime stories Italians tell their children; I suggested they ask their cousin or better yet their Uncle what type of stories he reads to said cousin. We're still plucking away through our lovely devotional. It'll be a bit sad to come to the end of it to be honest as this is our second year with an AIO devotional We only read from The Oxford Poetry book this past week as we were ahead in the Classical Poetry book. Morgan & I are still reading European History & The Emperor's Shadow & enjoying them both.

Jayde worked hard all week on a board game that stretched across four of those pieces of A4 paper. He designed some type of battlefield that he sketched out, coloured in, & then laminated. It's in his room as he continues to work on it adding various items to it. I was pretty impressed with the final board, but it was squirreled away before I could snap a photo. He's been after the board game A House Divided for a long long time now & it's just never in stock. I suspect he was making his own version, which made me chuckle because I finally found the game in-stock & secretly ordered it for him.

He also caught up on some notebooking pages we hadn't tackled last week. We're moving at a snail's pace with his Civil War study. I'm not entirely sure why, all though in week 13 he was so caught up in Iron Thunder it was difficult to get him to come up for air to do much of anything else. We have a bit more of Week 2 to wrap up before we head into Week 3. He's also requested a new audio book about the Civil War, so we need to drum up one of those as well.

He wrapped up Grace's Letter To Lincoln this week, but was less then impressed with it. I have him write a summary {on occasion} about books, but I knew this was unlikely to be one where he'd find the task enjoyable so instead I asked him some Lit questions about it, & really really enjoyed his answers. The final question I asked him was which friend he'd recommend this book to & without missing a beat he declared he'd only recommend it to me because it seemed like my type of book.

Morgan plunged right into a new math lesson this week which seemed a bit like review work for him considering how quickly he moved through it. I promise Mr Demme is now scowling or bearing his teeth at the children in video, I just snapped the photo at an inopportune moment! Morgan is really pleased with both his comprehension, but also his pace with his current math book. While he started it during Term 1 instead of at the beginning his goal is still to finish it off by the end of the year, & at the pace he's going he should meet that goal.

Morgan wrapped up Module 2 in his science book this week. He was worried he wouldn't make it because he was exhausted on Friday morning. The lack of sun all day Friday certainly didn't help with that, but he wrapped up his studying & passed the test with flying colours. He was really nervous about taking the test via VHSG, but has since decided he really likes it because if he does end up getting a problem wrong it explains which one & why.

Jayde tackled science, it's still one of his favourite parts of the day. I'm really glad we put together a science kit during Term Break as it's made it so easy to say, "Go get.." & know that it will be in the box. It's probably the only downer about the science we are using for both kids is that I could not buy a supply kit & have it shipped to us. Yes, one can easily round up supplies, but it never fails the one supply we don't have is the very one we need.  If your'e wondering, Jayden is actually answering a few questions from his science book in his science journal & then sketching out the why behind his answer. He requested new coloured pencils for science; they were granted.

Morgan is moving along in his writing at a good clip as well. We've had a few weeks where some of the projects have taken a bit more time, mostly to him feeling overwhelmed with the topic, but he managed. This past week he was suppose to write a description of a person in our home but felt rather nervous about it for fear whatever he wrote would annoy the person. I gave him free reign to pick a favoured character & complete the task with that character instead. He was delighted, until he realised he was 30 words short. He did come up with 30+ words, but it was a great experience for him to dig a little deeper.

This boy, this one who spent the end of last year & the beginning of this year swearing he hated math. The same boy who told his specialist he despises math because it's the worst subject in the world has finally come to grips with it. In fact while adding & subtracting fractions this week he turned around & said, "I'm confused why math is suddenly so easy when it use to be so hard." We burst into laughter which only confused him a little bit more. In all fairness, I'm equally impressed with how quickly he's moving through his new math book, but all the memorising he's always done in the past {no help required} is benefiting him big time with his current book.

After wrapping up his studies on Friday & realising there wasn't any luck in heading outside unless you wished to be blown away in the wind or swept away in the rain, Morgan decided to pull out his EV3 & build a robot. What he really wanted to do was build a fighting bot, but then realised he only had the supplies for one. We discussed ideas on how he could use his Edison Bot to make something comparable, but he's worried that the weight of Ev3 might cause an issue. He's probably right, but knowing him he'll come up with something anyway..

Morgan wrapped up Week 13 in his history studies. I seem to have no photos of him busy at work, mostly because he vanishes with both his books & my phone to tackle it. One of his books happens to be in audio format on my phone.. We also tackled spelling & grammar this week which I'm also lacking photos of, life happens. I do have a grammar video though which was rather amusing to all of us.. Maybe I'll share it at another time. It was more a video to share with Mr S about the insanity of our children, but Mom enjoyed the laugh as well as a friend or two. That's our rather busy week!


Shelly L. said...

I haven't been on your blog in awhile -- your boys are changing and growing! I'm sure I don't need to tell you that -- but it's my first impression on this post. Fun to get a peek into your world. Thanks for sharing, and for being such a good example to other homeschool moms out there!

reader19 said...

I clicked on to say "My, how your boys have been growing!" and immediately see that Shelly L had just commented the exact thing I wanted to say!!! That just shows how much their growing!!!! Thanks for sharing!!