Wednesday, April 20, 2016

2016 Week In Review: Week 13

We wrapped up our second week of the new term & ended it with a lovely camping get-away! It was a welcome change to head off & enjoy the annual camping trip we normally take in the summer but had to postpone due to the various bushfires around the state.

We had a great deal of tests to wrap up this week, a few new books to begin, & a lot of waiting on the postman to arrive with things. We're still waiting on that to some degree..

Our second week was a bit lopsided, but we made it through. We had major printer issues, first time with our new printer too. In the printer's defence it was more internet related, the downside of a wireless printer! The problem with printer issues was that it held up Jayden's history, ahh weird problems, I know.

We settled into a bit of a better routine overall for our days which was so lovely. Pinocchio is still our current "together" read aloud in our book basket. Somedays we attend to it, some we don't. It depends on our time & mood. The chapters are quick & short & the book is a wee bit silly. We're also reading What To Do When I'm Scared? as we're still dealing with some anxiety issues with our boy. We read it aloud, together, to avoid making him feel singled out, but also to help him understand that each of us have fears. It's helped make him a bit more open about the things that scare him without having to feel embaressed about it. We're also working on Horrible Science's Light & Horrible Geography Weather, again books we read at a rather slow pace for us as we have time. Both fit in with science units the boys will have this term so it made sense. Our poetry books haven't changed for Term 2.

We tend to start our mornings huddled under blankets {except the oddball on the sofa} while we drink smoothies & I ice my knee. We listen to our Bible reading for the day, we've been working our way through portions of Mark, & then our devotional. We're still reading through 90 Devotions For Kids as well each morning.

I'd stock-piled some writing lessons in an audio format for Morgan, but he'd finished them all so we sat down together to work through his writing lesson. He has no issues with the assignments, but likes to double check his work with each step if he finds the lesson "tricky". We only did half a week, which sounds odd, but he had a writing assignment left over from the week prior.

Jayden is nearly at the halfway point in his writing book as well. We don't honestly cover the grammar information in the book as much as we use the simple writing assignments. I like the incremental steps that Writing With Ease takes, & it's taken my, "I hate writing!" child to, "Writing isn't so bad after all!" Around here we call that a win.

Both boys continued forward in their books this week. Don't ask what the birds are doing, most likely leaving little reminders of themselves all over that sofa! However, the resident zoologist & the resident aviary friends are both happier when they are together. I've walked in to his bedroom to find him sleeping & a bird crawl out from the crook of his arm before. Yes, the idea freaks me out a little, but until you've heard a tantruming cockatiel don't judge..

Jayde wrapped up the next lesson in his book & was delighted to ace the test as well. We don't always use the tests in the math book, but he finished the lesson so quickly that I wanted to be sure he really grasped the concepts & had him take the test on Thursday.

The same for Morgan. All though I warned him not to do math in ink he didn't listen. He ended up having to scribble something out instead of erasing it. You'd think he'd have learned, but.. Ahh well, he too tested out of his next lesson in math. He actually took the test because he wanted to be sure he was ready for the next lesson, his choice!

Morgan wrapped up Module 1 in his Physical Science. Most of week 2, as scheduled, was studying & taking the test. We had him take the test via the VHSG online. For whatever reason he was really nervous about taking the test & just stood there staring at the computer screen; I opted to help him by pushing the Start button. He only ended up getting one question wrong because he didn't double check his math on pen & paper. He was dissapointed by that despite his passing grade. Hopefully he'll remember for next time.

Friday we headed down to a local State Park & the kids helped set up the tent, Mr Jayden was very eager to help get it up. Mostly because he was keen for lunch & we said no lunch until the tent was up, but also because he wanted to prove he was more then capable of getting the pegs into the crazy hard ground {lack of rain}. After lunch he decided we should have brought his science book with us, I told you this kid loves his new science book! We'd not been able to complete his latest experiment due to lack of sun the day prior.

We celebrated Mr S's birthday while we were camping. He insisted he didn't need a cake because camping was a huge present to him, but I managed to overcook a lovely gluten/egg/dairy free cake the night prior. That evening I stuck it in a pan & poured the ganache over the top of it before slapping candles in. Ahh yes, that cake that will go down in history because: A, it had buckwheat in it & B, when I say it was overcooked I'm not kidding. I was sitting at the counter the night I made it when Mr S wanders in & says, "Oh, by the way your timer went off a bit ago." Ha! Oh well, another time then perhaps. Despite it's dryness we only came home with 3 slices.

Amongst the many games we played & the various shorter walks we took Jayde managed to befriend all the wildlife around. Very typical for this boy. Mr S & Morgan went on a hike with family, but Jayde was pretty anxious about the whole idea. His last 2 experiences on that hike weren't top notch between a wrong turn on the way down & a snake on the path. Rather then push him over the edge I suggested he & I stay at camp & we could listen to the football game on the radio. He agreed, but when I turned around to ask him if he'd like me to make some popcorn he was no where to be seen. I shouted out for him & he came out of the woods with this funny friend following him.

We only spotted 2 little wombats on our stay this year. Ignore the poor quality of this photo the only person who could get any closer to this guy was Jayden. The Wombats have been hit with a pretty ugly case of mange & many had to be euthanize which was so incredibly sad to hear as the park use to be teaming with the little fellows. Jayden also befriended the ranger & plagued her with many questions about the park, the animals, & whatever else came to mind. She was so patient & lovely to answer each of his questions with great sincerity & before we left he'd managed to find out a considerably large amount of history about the park itself. Pretty impressive for a 2 night stay!

We did actually work on Grammar & Spelling this week. Spelling was a lighter load as the boys had no issues with the words save 1 each that tripped them up. When we have weeks like that I either advance them to the next lesson right away or I call out POP QUIZ! & have them spell their "tricky word" on the white board. Once they get it right they don't have to spell it again that week. Grammar is pretty quick & straight forward & somehow I have no photo of it. Our week felt short as we had company arrive on Thursday evening so we wanted to be wrapped up & have our books all put away in time for their arrival, not to mention packing for our little getaway.

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