Wednesday, March 9, 2016

The French Revolution

In our Bookshark 7 travels they've assigned The Scarlet Pimpernel as a reader for the student. The book is reasonably simplistic, but it's schedule about 3-4 weeks prior to the student actually learning about the French Revolution which has caused a few cries of, "I feel like I'm missing something really important!"

After 5 chapters the cry came for a Documentary to help understand the angst & political pulls within the book. Happy to oblige I went on a hunt for a few things that might fit the bill. Keep in mind we will reach The French Revolution & The Reign of Terror in the new term next month, in the mean time I rounded up  a few resources to suffice the request & wanted to post them here for easy access.

Crash Course Video #29:

First off we have a typical Crash Course video by the infamous John Green. Admittedly I'm not a huge Green fan, but many of the Crash course videos are informative enough that they fit the bill for a quick launch into whatever we're studying. They are typically fast paced & often full of a few jokes & the occasional opinion of the narrator, but they can get the job done.

BBC Documentary:

He really really wanted a lovely PBS Documentary like the past few we've watched, but if they have one for this time period we don't have access to it where we live. I did however find a BBC Documentary about the French Revolution which I pinned to watch with him later this week. As a warning I haven't pre-watched this one beyond the first few minutes, & in those first few minutes there was a bit of gore. Considering the time frame it's not surprising, so you may want to prewatch for your own family.

A Tale Of Two Cities Pt 1:

A little less serious, an old copy of A Tale Of Two Cities by Dickens. I spotted it on YouTube & have linked up Part 1. You may prefer to watch it over on QuietTube. I haven't prewatched this in full so I can't advise to anything ill or not in the moive.

Animated A Tale Of Two Cities:

In my hunting I spotted an animated version of a Tale Of Two Cities as well. I haven't pre-watched this in full so I can't give any heads up or warnings. If you prefer you can catch it on QuietTube over here.

The Scarlet Pimpernel:

Finally, how could we not watch a version of The Scarlet Pimpernel after finishing the book? We may even watch it prior to finishing the book to help him along with some of the angst & political pulls in the book. Either way there are a variety of versions one can watch, so if you may want to seek out a different version for yourself. The links version above is the one that came highly recommended by friends. Again here's a QuietTube link, this movie is also available for rent or purchase via iTunes and/or Apple Tv.

More French Revolution Resources:

We'll be reading about this topic in SOTW as well as in our European History book so we'll save the other resources for when we hit that point, but I figured I'd share them all in one post. Tina has made a fantastic, as always, lapbook to go along with this time period. We'll use bits & pieces of it to add to our big Timeline notebooks.  She's also made a lovely game to go along with it which will deeply excite my game lover.

You can pick up Task Cards {think trivia} from Teachers Pay Teachers. Our house may be a bit weird, but my kids think there's nothing cooler then answering trivia questions. They can often be found, in the winter especially, curled up on the sofa by the fireplace with a box of trivia cards each volleying questions back & forth. Maybe this will give them some ideas for making their own trivia game based on current studies.

Finally you can pick up the Hands Of A Child French Revolution lapbook on their website or over Currclick {affiliate link}. Again, this is something I've flagged should we need/want more then the freebies form Tina's website so I can't speak to specifics about it.

French Revolution Books:

We're currently reading The Scarlet Pimpernel  {affiliate link} which is also available as an audio over at Audible. My boy picked that particular version after listening to all the samples because he found it the most appealing to his ears. There are several different versions over there so you might want to listen to samples to decide which best suits.

I've flagged A Tale Of Two Cities which we might listen to later for the fun of it. He's itching to listen to some Charles Dickens after our romp with Shakespeare last year so this is a fitting listen, all be it rather lengthy. Again, many choices to choose from so you might want to listen to the samples & pick one that suits.

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