Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Planner Week 11

A quick peep into my little planner for the week. I really love these adorable animals from Lawn Fawn, all though I can't admit to being too great at colouring in the coon's face mask. We have an assorted group of holidays this week thus the many little animals. In Australia Monday was 8-Hour day {comparable to the USA's Labour Day}, it was also Pi-Day. Can you spot the clock & pie? The 17th is St Patrick's day, all though we don't do much then have our traditional Silverside & minty desert. 

Sometimes, when I'm super keen I make rainbow smoothies, but generally only when the day falls on a weekend. One year I had fun hiding a little leprechaun around the house each day for the kids to find, & then on the 16th I trashed the house before going to bed & blamed it on the crazy little Lego Mini-Fig. Let's just say that I was given a right awful tongue lashing by our youngest that year. 

The 16th is my mother's birthday, all though it won't officially be her birthday where she is until the 17th so we snuck a birthday fox on there. He was super fun to colour & much easier then the bear!! We debated doing a Skype Birthday Party for Mom, but I was pretty sure my eldest would take it very seriously & decide we'd need party games. Knowing him he'd come up with something Battleship style to see who pinned the official tale on the donkey or some such craziness. Instead, we have special plans for a special Skype Call. I'd say more, but there's a strong change Mom could be reading this. Ha! 

I decorated our school planner with Planet Stickers, but it's pretty empty on the lesson side as we only have a few things to finish off before we are officially on Term Break. We can't wait & when the kids saw what needed to be accomplished they seriously considered doing 4 days worth of spelling in one go. We have a couple of books to wrap up as well & a possible outing on Friday. We are seriously counting down the days until Term Break at this point!

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