Monday, March 14, 2016

Daily Devotions

Every New Year's Eve we end up giving the boys new devotionals to encourage them in their faith. This year, we broke that tradition & gave them Adventure In Odyssey cds instead. We were still working through a devotional & had a couple on the shelves we hadn't gotten to so to give us some time to work through those we opted for the cds instead.

The kids have been really smitten with the stories & the faith that each of the main characters in the show portrays. As one of my children put it, "These guys inspire me to want to know more about God & to really understand what He tells us. They aren't just repeating the Bible."

I rarely, however, give Mr S or myself a devotional. It's not that I don't find our own faith equally important, but that I find it far harder to find a devotional that doesn't drive me batty. As for Mr S he's been reading one on his ipad for a year or so now..

This year I ended up purchasing a devotional for Mr S & myself. I'd been reading this particular devotional on my kindle last year & I really wanted to have a proper copy. I dunno, maybe it's just me, but I really appreciate having a real & proper book. I know ebooks have their place, but I just really struggle with them at times.

Anyway, Mr S was pretty keen for a Chicken Soup For the Soul type book, & I opted for Lord, I Give You This Day in real book fashion. It's broken down by months & then the numbers of the month, including a day for Leap Year. The devotions are short, but a lovely way to start my day. 

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