Saturday, February 13, 2016

2016 Week In Review: Week 5

This week marked the official halfway point of our term! I made that nifty little announcement one evening over dinner which caused cheers from the peanut gallery & a strangled, "No way!" from Mr S.

Yep, we've officially marked off half a term all ready, which has gone by rather quickly & with very few hiccups. It's always nice when the weeks fly by without hiccups, isn't it?

It can be hard falling back into a routine, at times, but with address stress & frustrations it can make it seem a mountain to climb. I'm always grateful when reentry is slow, steady, & incredibly calm.

It was a slower week around here with a birthday falling in the middle of the week, company visiting, & the craziness that accompanies all of that. But a good week all the same.

We continued our study of John this week, we are enjoying it but we still stand by the statement made in previous weeks that it's a little be weaker in depth compared to our last study. Never mind though, we'll continue forward & see if it picks up anywhere or not.

We're still reading from each of these books, all though we are nearly done with Do Hard Things. The book is a fantastic read & filled with much wisdom to inspire your teens to rise up above low standards & expectations & do thinks of worth & value. I've noticed some interesting results from the kids as we read this together, & will be curious where it takes them in the end.


Math was reasonably uninteresting this week all though the kids now have 1.5 lessons to go before they are done with their current books.. very exciting times. I pulled this lovely book off the shelf this week when someone was confusing a couple of Roman Numerals. It's a fun little book complete with hidden pictures & funny scenes as you learn the various symbols for each Roman Numeral.

Language Arts:

Onward Ho! with spelling, as normal. Yes, I put all our spelling lessons from Sequential Spelling on the computer. The premise with Sequential Spelling is that after you call out a word & your student spells it, then you spell it. Generally people use a white board, but considering the fact that both my children wear glasses to filter out white... Instead I use Keynote on my Macbook. I take & put in a Term's worth of spelling lessons at a go. I do not turn them into actual slide shows, but manually move through it after calling out each word. It works for us.

Morgan finished writing a 300 word essay that was lagging from last week. His ability to write is amazing, but he was overwhelmed by the check-list he had to follow for last weeks writing assignment, & I urged him to pause & give himself room to breathe. He wrapped it up Monday & exceeded his word count learning the hard lesson of having to remove a portion of your writing, regardless of how attached you are to it.

While I have no photos of it they are each still reading from assigned books each day. Both are enjoying their stories & nearing the end of their books. Here's hoping the next book for Jayde arrives before he finishes his current story.


We've been using the Chemistry from BookShark for science here & while it's pretty quick to use I looked over on Monday & saw Jayde half asleep with a glazed over look on his face. I asked him if he was feeling well & his response was, "Not to be rude, but I couldn't understand anything you read so I was debating taking a nap." I realised that keeping him in the higher science was a poor idea because he'd end up hating the subject{s} & have no knowledge in it to boot.

I asked him if he'd finished his Weather Unit from last year, & we pulled it out to see that he had a week or two left in it. We'd been waiting for a humid day to run an experiment & got a little side tracked. We pulled out his books & threw them in the book basket & got back to business with it this week. Needless to say I'll be finishing the Earth Science Unit I'd been working on last year, but I'll share more about that later.


We had a half week with history & read from each of the selections above. We're back into religious wars & issues in our European History book which has caused a few exasperated sighs of, "Really, do you people never learn?" ahh, but there is nothing new under the sun. We should wrap up Myles story in the next week or two,  & sadly there was an international shipping order with our next biography so I'm not sure what we'll do there.

Still more filling in of our Mark-Able Map this week. We noticed that many of the places called to mark this week were all ready on our map from earlier readings, but we still had a few to throw on there. I promise you, the child on the sofa is not picking his nose! He ended up with blisters on his face from either sunburn or a reaction to the sunscreen he used & his poor face was an absolute mess from the scabbing over.

We wrapped up Master Cornhill & started a bit of The Ghost In The Tokaido, Inn this week. Master Cornhill ended on a good note & it was fun seeing many of the events we'd read about come to life in the book, but it was odd that a few of the questions set for in the beginning weren't answered in the end, all be it the Author's note does explain why some of it was mentioned.

The Ghost In The Tokadio, Inn is a mystery set in 1600 in Japan. It takes place during the time that the Japanese banished outside religions from their country. This is one I pre-read earlier this year so it'll be interesting to see what the kids think of it as we read through.

Fun Times:

Our eldest turned 15 this past week. I have no idea where the time has gone. He was delighted, as always, to wake up & find that despite how old he's getting I still pulled out our traditional party cloth, banners, & placemats to celebrate his special day. Thanks to cleaning out the junk drawer over the summer I also found the balloon sticks & threw a bunch of those around the house too...until Little Brother ran off with half of them.


Morgan got an email on his birthday to inform him he'd passed the online course he'd been taking about Game Design. He was honestly taken aback that he'd passed. He sets crazy high standards for himself, & as far as he was concered not getting 100s on all his assessments led him to believe he'd be unlikely to pass the course. Needless to say it was a great surprise for him.

Rather then jump into another course right away he's taking time to programme with his Raspberry Pi, continue work on a game he's building via Scratch, & an assortment of other things which all include some type of computer gibberish or robotic parts.

Morgan spends a great deal of time working on his art while we're reading our books or listening to audios & Jayde decided he'd like to give it a go as well. Unfortunately all his sketch books were filled up, so I had to get him a new one. Without checking the weight of the paper I grabbed a StarWars one for him knowing he'd love the cover. Yeah, crazy crazy thin paper. However, he quickly set to work drawing a storm trooper. I'll have to snap a photo of the finished project because he did a great job with it.

A semi-light week for us, but still a fair amount accomplished.

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