Sunday, February 14, 2016

Planners Week 7

Another week in my little planner. I was given this particular lovely set of Penny Black stamps for Christmas & have been eager to use them. The little girls in the stamps are quite large & after the beach spread I opted to just stick with one of the girls at a time so that I still had more functional space to work with. Extra notes, to-do's, or the likes can end up in the space under the heart banner & music notes.

For those curious I used:
Penny Black's Mimi In Pairs {also available at Amazon}
Ms Kimm's Weekend Banner Set {also available through her etsy shop}
KaiserCraft Save The Date Pennant Set {I found mine at my local Spotlight a while back}
Lawn Fawn's Baaaah Humbug & Holiday Party Animal, Wheelie Like You {some available through Craftie Cafe or Dawn Lewis}
Sweet Stamp Shop's Plan Everyday, Plan Work, Plan School, Plan fitness, Plan to Eat, Plan Home {some available through Kerry's Crafty Cards & Cut}
I used Versa Fine Onyx & Versa Colour Heliotrope {Some Versa inks also available at CraftOnline}
The borders have no name on them, so I'm not sure who made them.
The Sweets Washi, I bought it a year or two ago at a local cheap shop, no name on it either; the smaller purple "washi" are actually homemade labels.

Our school planner is far more simplistic with some cute little ladybird/lovebug stickers on it. Yes, I know that Valentine's Day is today, but that fell, in my planner, on the same week as our boys birthday. So I opted to put the lovebugs on this week instead.

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