Friday, February 12, 2016

Planners Week 6

I'm a bit slow with posting planners this week, something about birthdays & all that combined with a busy week prior. However, I didn't put together a weekly spread that represents a bit of birthday fun. It's a bit whimsical considering the "child" turned 15, but it's my planner not his so it's all good. I'd actually flagged an entirely different set of stamps to use, but after waiting 3 months they never came back in stock so I gave up. The birthday stamps are from the Lawn Fawn Party Animals & Year 2 series. I loved that bear & wanted to put a few more on, but he was designed to be looking to the left instead of straight ahead which made it difficult to fit more on. I should have tried masking his tail & seeing if I could have worked with it, but I don't mind because I loved the birds & turtles. Once upon a time our boy wanted a turtle, but as it turns out it's very hard to obtain one in our state... you need a turtle license for a start, & it doesn't get much easier after that!

Our school planner reflected a birthday this week too. Those were some birthday stickers we purchased last year to help Nana mark her calendar so she wouldn't forget birthdays. Not that we minded if she forgot, but she would get terribly upset at the idea & she absolutely loved flipping each new month over & having birthdays written with a special sticker reminder to help her out. I didn't end up adding a quote or a verse to the top of my pages this week & did not fill in my book basket either, but it's late enough int he week to disclose that this week has been a bit of a slog for us. We're officially halfway through our term & will end up with a bit of work left over to wrap up in week 10, which is exactly why I only schedule 9 solid weeks of academics in our 10 week terms!

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