Monday, February 15, 2016

5 Things We Love About Winter Promise LA

1. PDF Format. I love that I can obtain these in PDF format & print them out on my kids specially coloured paper. Each child needs a different shade of paper to be able to see the written words properly & with curriculum in PDF format it saves me a lot of time, headaches, & money being able to simply print them out via our home printer. For those of you opposed to ebooks, please be aware you can order them in hard copy from WP.

2. Quick & Simple. That’s not to say that each lesson is overly simplistic, they aren’t, not at all. Rather the work is broken down into bite sized bits to set children up for success. I love this, & it helps the kids to feel accomplished as well. I love it when the kids can read the instructions & dig into the work without feeling stressed & needing more information. Win-win!

3. Pre-Scheduled. Years ago I use to schedule everything we did. I made unit studies, lesson plans, & crafts. I borrowed from many resources to combine exactly what we needed. I was seriously on the verge of absolute burnout, & then we found Winter Promise. I love that the work is scheduled over 4 days leaving us with a catch-up day, if needed, or we can choose to work ahead if we want. The schedule even includes spelling, writing, & reading work too.

4. Story Lines. In LA Level 3 you met Scout the dog & followed him around. In LA 4 you solved mysteries with a Cliff, the fun Detective. In LA 5 you meet up with Scout again, & in LA 6 you’re back to solving mysteries. The material, presented in a story form, is far less dry then working from a typical text book, but it’s just as informative & educational.

5. Levels. I mentioned this in my more detailed review over on The Curriculum Choice last year, but I seriously love that WP refers to their LA in levels vs Grades. My children both have Visual Processing Disorder which means they may not be up to par with their spelling or writing. Allowing them to work at a level vs a grade is awesome.

To learn more about Winter Promise Language Arts programmes check out their online conference videos. If you’re interesting in trying out Winter Promise Language Arts I urge you to check out the evaluation at the bottom of the page to see which level is right for your family. You can also check out Scout's Mini Unit on Verbs Free


'Mrs' Mum said...

Hi Kendra

Do you use WP along with Grammar Ace?

Aussie Pumpkin Patch said...

Mrs Mum, I don't. Last year we used WP just as it is without the writing component as my children were using WWE & WWS. This year we'll be using the writing component along with WWE/WWS. It will be review-ish for one & new for the other. I'm thinking we might use Grammar Ace next year with WP LA. Level 6 doesn't have any reminders of what the various parts of speech are, so if the children need that reminder using Grammar Ace would be the way to go. :)

'Mrs' Mum said...

Makes sense. Thanks :)