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20016 Week In Review: Week 4

We wrapped up our fourth week of school here this week & admittedly it was so much calmer then Week 3. We like calm weeks, it makes for a lot more ease in getting things accomplished.

The boys also found a routine, set by themselves, that has them finishing their work nice & early in the day. This contributes to our smooth days because they are keen to stick to the path they've forged in order to meet their own personal goals & end our term/year where they want to be.

Needless to say we enjoyed a full week of solid work & everyone walked away feeling very accomplished.
History & Geography:

Lots of reading again this week in SOTW as we traveled through Asia & learned about the various leadership issues those countries were going through while Europe dealt with it's own problems & the beginning colonies of America were underway.

We learned more about European Explorers in our European History book, & covered a bit of each in our Encyclopedia. We continued on with our Myles Standish book & are about halfway or so through it. Again, it ties in so beautifully with our European History book that it's a fantastic read.

The books by Cheryl Hanes in this series have a timeline that run along the bottom of the books. They are really really lovely to look at & read through, & it's even more interesting to see the timeline that runs across the bottom of Myles story as we've learned so much about many of the items covered on the timeline at this point.

Our current Read Aloud for this area is still Master Cornhill. The crowds are still torn on liking or not liking this book with one one firmly on each side. I'm still curious to see where this book is going, but am equally torn on the kids opinions on the story.

We watched a couple more episodes of Colonial House. I have to say that while the theory behind the show is very interesting it's lacking compared to other "House" shows. I suppose that's bound to happen when a group of people are gathered together & it's not just one family working. Admittedly there were some unusual topics that came up in this weeks episodes that would not have been discussed in the 1600's.

We're still marking the places we read about in our history travels. I can't believe how much our map is filling in at this stage. We hung the second map up to help us later in the year as we hit more places in the US.

We added more timeline figures to our stash this week. These are only a couple of the ones we coloured in this week. Or rather, the kids. They take turns colouring them & then just copy it all onto sticker paper, cut them out, divvy it up & slap them in their timeline books.

We were a wee bit slack this week with our timeline review all though we did add more items to it & a new Bible verse to our Memory Box.


We're still moving through Chemistry with Bookshark Science 6. No experiments per-say this week all though was a crystal growing one in the book the boys were going to set about doing on the weekend. I'll share photos if they get it set up. It needs to be put together & left in a place where it won't be moved which is their only hesitation because things get moved like crazy around here!

Some of the content this week was a review, & less enticing then when we learned it the first time around, about the Periodic Table of Elements. We read a great book about all the elements last year that was really fun, so covering more of it this year is really just review at this point. I'm actually anxious to move out of the Chemistry section of this study merely because it feels like we've been here forever, but Morgan's enjoying it.

Language Arts:

I'm still not overly enthusiastic with our poetry book this year, but we're sticking with it. I know there will be some more familiar poets ahead as well as some lovely selections coming up. That's not to say the selections & poets thus far aren't familiar or lovely, but rather that the selections thus far just aren't our cup of tea.

We covered Week 2 in Grammar Ace. More review, this time with verbs. Most of this book will be review for the boys based on what we studied last year & I'm still not entirely certain that we won't add in something a wee bit more formal. I do have it on hand to be capable of doing that with & it would tie in really lovely with Grammar Ace. You can tell what I've been thinking about can't you? Anyway, this week we watched the Grammaropolis video on verbs: Lights Camera Verb.

We advanced forward with spelling again this week. It's amazing how smoothly spelling lessons can go when children can see the words they are spelling in order to notice the patterns & combinations we are working with.

Both boys worked through another week of their writing curriculum, which we're still very much enjoying. Some lessons are certainly more challenging then others, but they are all taught at a good pace in order for the child to really grasp what's going on.


We're still steadily working through these 2 books. Still very much enjoying the meaning & information in Do Hard Things. How fun was it to discuss this book with friends this week? I love that my boys are really starting to look at things in a different manner, which is the best proof of how much they are taking away from this book.

We continued our study of John this week hitting Chapter 2. I previously mentioned that we thought it was a little bit weak, & that remained so this week.. That's not nessecarily a bad thing. As an example what we did over the course of 3 days this week was the equivalent of what we would have done in one day with our 2 Timothy study.  We'll see if it progresses any as we continue our travels. We have all three books to study the entire book of John.


Morgan is still working away steadily with Open2Study & his Game Design class. We're still waiting for word back on one of the quiz questions which, according to the lecture, didn't add up accurately. He's not alone in his theory & while he hasn't gotten an answer yet he did run it by Mr S & who agreed that the answer in the quiz didn't fit the theory being recognised. Either way, he has one module to finish up next week & then if he passes the course he can obtain a certificate for his efforts.

We hit the pool with a group of friends on Friday, a great way to wrap up our work week. Admittedly one wasn't suppose to take photos at the pool & I had no idea until I'd all ready snapped a picture of the empty pool {minus my child's head}. In fact, it wasn't until I jumped in just before we left when my child said, "Why can't we take photos at the pool anymore?" Ooops. Admittedly, while I do obey rules {permitting I know them} the idea that I can't take a picture of my child at the pool does rather infuriate me in ways I won't bore you with.

Another week of Cricket in the bag. This season of Cricket can't end soon enough for us. It's been an absolute disgrace & disaster, but more about that later. Our boy did a smashing job bowling his overs & slugged out a few 6's & 4's, & overall proved that despite how unruly your team is you can still set the example..

My artistic boy was busy, busy, busy this week with lots of projects. He's been rather smitten with the My Little Pony show of late thanks to the little pony depicted to have Irlen. It's rare enough for anyone to understand exactly what's going on with you, but it's rarer still to find anything that incorporates a character with this issue into their show/book/etc. This week we found a video all about how to draw these crazy ponies. It inspired him to have a hand at it as he's working on a rather special one for someone's upcoming birthday.

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