Thursday, February 11, 2016

15 Things

So, this kid turned 15 yesterday. It totally blows ones mind to wake up one day & realise just how old their child is. 1 year until he can legally apply for his L plate, 3 years until he's legally an adult in this country, 5 years until he turns 20. All this rushes through my mind while I'm putting childish characters on a birthday cake for him. Where does the time go?

I remember the old man watching me in Sears one day while we were looking at baby gear. He came up & said, rather quietly, "You need that rocking chair. You'll want to feed your child in it, read him stories, & when he's gone you'll sit in it & remember all those beautiful moments." He's right, you know. I did need that rocking chair.

This boy of ours, who's more man then boy, is pretty amazing. Let me count the ways:

He’s amazingly kind. I’m not just talking holding doors open & picking up things you drop, I’m talking offering a comforting word when you need it, apologising even if he wasn’t in the wrong, & the deep desire to make sure a person feels included, needed, & loved.

His love for God grows daily, & it’s reflected in what he does. This kid not only made it a goal to read his Bible every day, he followed through with it even when he had days where reading was nearly impossible. “Just one verse,” he’d say. And we’d say, “Sometimes 1 verse is all you really need.”

He can draw like he was born with a pencil in his hand. He may not like every thing he draws & work for weeks on perfecting it, but everything he draws puts me in awe. Sometimes, just to amuse myself, I flip through his sketch book… I’m drawn more to the the half-finished items, the practice sheets, & the fractions of drawings where he was practicing different ideas. I dream of drawing like that, but settle for stick-figures instead.

He can make something out of nothing. Give this kid a pile of trash & he’ll create something amazing out of it leaving you wondering why you didn’t think of it yourself. For years I’ve had a photo on the fridge of a “robot” that always gets Oo’s & Ah’s when it’s seen, he built it when he was 6. It was suppose to be a prototype for a robot who might be able to help him invent a variety of items. These days, he creates board games complete with rules, playing pieces, & step by step pictures to get you started.

He sees from the inside out, & I’m not talking about his VPD. Rather, I’m speaking of how he sees other people, letting their actions & words speak to tell him what kind of person they are. He’s walked away from a few situations because he felt that the people involved weren’t going to lead him anyplace good, & fretted over friends he was worried might get caught up in that crowd.

He has this insanely silly fake laugh. I don’t know if he knows that we know about it, but it cracks me up every time I hear it. It’s a nervous laugh that says to me, “I know this is actually really cool/funny, but I’m not sure how you’ll take it so I’m just testing the waters.” He’d hate to offend.

He’s insanely inquisitive. This kid has asked big powerful questions from a young age & there are times when I honestly have no answers for him. These days, his questions are more facts or, “Do you thinks..” and I’m still generally blown away by the connections he’s drawn that seem so obvious once they are pointed out.

He’s always cheering for the underdog. I’m not speaking sports, I’m speaking in life. He can spot out a struggling person & his desire for them to end well is sincere. His favourite sports team didn’t do so great this year, but his only concern was for a player who’d lost a loved one during the season. He’s first to offer a kind word to the child who thinks they stink in whatever game is being played, & he never expects one in return. 

He’s pretty inseparable from his brother, or maybe it’s the other way around? Who knows. They’ve been mistaken for twins for the past 12 years. He may have his moments of frustration with his brother, but he’s there for him no matter what. The old saying, “No one can pick on my brother but me..” is so very true in this house.

He looks for the good in every situation. Yes, he does, & when it can’t be found he creates some good. A secret note to lift your spirits, a helping hand, or a kind word. 

He’s not afraid of hard work. Perhaps it’s because he’s had to work harder at pretty mundane things all his life, who knows, but he’s not afraid to tackle projects that leave many of us breathless. That’s not to say he’s never felt overwhelmed about those projects, but to say that it’s never stopped him tackling them.

This kid, he can build anything out of lego. Ice cream trucks, cities, castles, movies, you name it he’s probably built it before… yet, he always finds something new to build! 

He struggles, deeply, to pick a favourite anything. It’s not that he might not feel favourably towards one thing over another as much as he truly cares about everything. This is a great trait when it comes to helping people, but it can make shoe-shopping an incredibly long ordeal. 

He loves hockey. I’m not talking ice hockey, which he’s never played, I’m talking Aussie Hockey {ie field hockey} in which he had a brief encounter last year that, as far as he was concerned, should have lasted forever. Never mind the sport is, generally, played with a white ball. The kids he played with were amazing & super keen to pull out a blue ball if it meant it would help him! I’m pretty sure he & his specialist talked longer about hockey than they did about anything else.

He’s the first one to step forward, often without being asked, to offer help. From opening doors & putting away groceries, to wiping down bathrooms & washing dishes. He may not like each task that needs doing, but he’ll offer to do them & follow through on his offer.

Yeah, we considered ourselves pretty blessed to call this boy our son.

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Tracey Clifford said...

Whoa! He is 15? I still thought he was 10! HA! I will have a 15 and 17-year-old this year. Time flies!!!