Sunday, January 24, 2016

Planners Week 4

This weeks planner has an Australian theme. Admittedly I'm not as found of the overall layout because I didn't have right texture of sticker paper to print out & the ink was heavily absorbed causing them to look dull. I printed the various Aussie themed sections from a Free Project Life Australia Day I'd grabbed a while back. I think the red icon on the bottom left is a random image I found online & thought it was fitting for the holiday. It's caused me the most grief going on there evenly. Oh well, the main theme is conveyed & there's plenty of room to write down all that I record each week so i'm good with that.

However, I couldn't handle the lack of decorative stamping! The white stickers, such as the one on the far right here are really fun, but they don't add the same decorative feel. So I pulled out a sheep from a Lawn Fawn stamp set & plopped him in there. I gave him an Aussie flag sticker to hold to keep the theme alive. 

My school planner was a little more cut & dry, & I liked it a bit more. I don't do decorating in this planner because I don't have a lot of room to spare so it's a pretty clean layout with some Aussie stickers we've had around for ages. I'm pretty sure the kids picked up one of those 250 page sets way back when they head a half dozen pen-pals & wanted to include a little something special for each one. The bookmark is one I made with some scrapbooking paper I had & spare ribbons. I still have the school schedule one, but I moved it to a back area for the time being as I needed something very visible to see my place when the planner was closed.

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