Sunday, January 17, 2016

Planners Week 3

Another fun planner layout. It's actually a bit heavy on the decorations, to be honest, & I don't think I'll decorate that heavy except on rare occasions, but some new stamps arrived in the mail this week. I was given a gift certificate for Christmas & I used it to purchase a few stamps that had been on my wishlist. They all arrived in the same week so I used a few from each. A nice summery layout, yes?

The little girls, surfboards, conch shell, seagulls, & seastar are all from the Penny Black's Fun In The Sun series. The beach huts, bucket, & ball are all from the Sweet Stamp Shop Beach Bum set. The dinner setting, shoe, & weight are also from Sweet Stamp shop, but 2 seperate sets. The blue pushpins are from a Marion Smith's Design stamps. It's suppose to be for Pintrest, but I shaded in the P with a coloured pencil.

It really is a fun summery spread, & despite the lack of information written on the page we have a full & busy week ahead. I just opted to snap a photo to share prior to filling some of it in, other portions will get filled in as we make our way through the week.

Our School Planner is more clean & simple. Yes, the various coloured inks all mean something to me which I'm not going to explain at this time. The stickers are from a local cheap shop, I have gobs of them from back when the kids loved putting stickers on papers & it kept them busy for ages. I'm not sure how this one escaped being used all up; a singing koala seems just the thing my kids would find insane uses for.

We're adding our Language Arts components back into things this week so our planner is a bit more full. I moved our book basket list to a more sensible location considering I don't generally have prep-work for our week. I tend to do all my prep-work between terms so that our weekends are free for fun & family. I'll put a colour coded checkmark next to the books each day we read them, if we read them. Book Basket, despite being in the planner, is probably on hold until our 4th week back. Other items we do daily are listed under the book basket area & will get a tick next to them each time we do them as well. Honestly, French & Piano could be there, but I didn't have room. No biggie.

The quote sticker is from a Stackable set purchased form Hobby Lobby back when we lived in the USA. It's probably been around for 12 years or so, which makes it kinda nice to use them up! I figured it fit with the stickers I chose for the week. The other side has a Bible Verse that spoke to me & I wanted to remember it for the week ahead.

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