Monday, January 11, 2016

Planners Week 2

I thought I'd share my sunny planner page for the week ahead. Still not sure how many of these I'll post publicly, especially after I start filling them in.  I'm a huge sunflower fanatic, incase you couldn't tell. They were even one of the flowers at our wedding. I'm still waiting on some stamps to come in the mail, & while debating which of my older ones to use I stumbled upon some of my older SunFlower stickers. The picket fence is a bit of an inside joke too. Mr S & I use to say we'd buy a house with a white picket fence & plant a ton of sunflowers. Our home does have a fence, all be it not picketed, so I guess that means I really need to get my sunflowers growing.. all though these days, I'm also deeply drawn to poppies.

I honestly have no idea where the stickers came from, all though there are two entirely different sets used on that page. I use to find stickers for .50-$1.00 when we lived in the USA & I'd pick up sets that appealed to me here & there. Many were used for scrapbooks, journals, letters, birthday cards. Many are still in a huge basket upstairs. Unfortunately, I don't have any poppy stamps, I may need to rectify that problem. The gobs of ribbon up-top are a homemade bookmark.

Our school planner for the week. It's a bit of a mess, compared to what I had in mind, but it all works for me. We've got a low plan this week because I like to start back slowly as we ease into things & get back into our routines. Next week things will look a little fuller & I probably won't have as much room for cute, but big, stickers all over the place. We'll see. Seriously though, I couldn't resist the monsters, they cracked me up when I was digging around the sticker box & found them. I may have a small sticker addiction. I blame my Aunt & Mother who got me into sticker collecting way back in the late 80's when it was "the thing" to do. I've spent years trying to explain scratch & sniff stickers to my kids until I finally found popcorn ones!

I made the little bookmark there in my planner. I glued two bookmarks together with a clip between them in order to affix it to the spiral spine of my planner. Then I stamped it up {on both sides} with the time frame we aim to spend on each topic. There's a lower & higher time limit for most. The objective being it's about quality not quantity when it comes to our school work. I often struggle with the concept feeling that we need to finish a full lesson, but admittedly that's not always possible. This helps keep us on track.

In fact I even debated not using a timer this year & was discussing it with Mr S, who is often not very vocal about what we choose to do in our homeschool. He supports us fully. He will teach anything I ask. He supplies the funds for our books, & the job the provides me with the ability to be home, but in general his rule of thumb is, "You've not failed me yet & you've certainly not failed our children an education so I'm totally on board with whatever you choose!" Yep, he didn't even hesitate & said we should most definitely use the timer, his point being that people have to work under time constraints & within specific time spans all the time. Sometimes you get the project done, sometimes you have to adjust your plans. Talk about a good life lesson, right?

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