Monday, January 4, 2016

Planner Glimpses Week 2

I've debated a bit about sharing my planner pages here as I fill them in. On the one hand I did mention my new planner & how I'd share my likes with it.. on the other hand, my planner pages can look a right filled in journal by the end of the week & there's a lot of personal information on that which I'm not keen to share with the world. I don't know how often I'll share the layouts here, but for now I thought I'd share the one I made for the coming week.

It's honestly clean & fresh & semi-blank compared to how last weeks ended. I'd show you what I mean, but there's that whole thing about not wanting to share too much personal information so you'll have to take my word for it.

I was actually hoping some stamps I purchased would arrive in time for another summer lay-out, but alas.. One set hasn't shipped & the others are in transit with one of those fantastic tracking ditties that doesn't tell you much more then the fact that they've left their original point of origin.. I ended up digging through some stickers I had on hand, I actually own a way too many stickers, & put them to use instead.

I went with a lemonade theme, maybe because I was craving a lovely ice cold cup of lemonade in all this heat we've got right now. Anyway, the lemonade pitcher, cups, bees, ladybirds, & dragonflies all came from the Stick-A-Billites set SXL144. I didn't spot them in a quick google search, so I have no idea if they are still made or not. I bought them years ago. The checker board & cloud stickers are from Me & My Big Ideas, again no luck finding it in a quick google search but the sticker set is called: Kid's Stuff Borders BR-105.  The water jar is a freebie from a Facebook group that I downloaded & printed out.

All the other items are stamps from Sweet Stamp Shop. I stamped words on the yellow label paper, the muffins, the weights, the measuring tape, the dinner plate, the shoe, & even the silly little scale. I used VersaVine onyx which doesn't bleed through the pages & is lovely stuff. The yellow is a kiddie ink pad from one of the boys old thumb-stamp sets. It doesn't bleed through either & works quite well. Yes, the girl who's eyes freak at yellow created a crazy yellow theme!

This is my Plum Paper Personal Planner with an MAE layout. I generally have my magnetic bookmarks in there too, but I pulled them out for the photo. You can also get the bookmarks at Koorong, but their website was off-line when I wrote this post so I couldn't link up.

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