Monday, January 25, 2016

Current Events

Our history curriculum urges the use of reading & watching Current Event news reports with your children. We're all for it, to a degree, & use to participate much more openly in this early last year & the year prior. Then the world went a little crazy, & a whole lot scary. Add that to the anxiety issues our youngest is dealing with & it left us wondering about what sources to use.

While I won't say we've replaced that yet, we've spent the last couple of weeks reading articles from the Summer Special our Australian Reader's Digest subscription gave us. The articles inside, much like the Fred article, are all written years ago, but each one had something important to share.

I selected each one based on that. Years ago we were all sitting in the lounge room discussing various modern amenities, don't ask me why it's pretty normal around here, when Nana mentioned she remembered when the ball point pen was invited. It kinda halted us in our tracks to think about such a majorly used item being a hot ticket item. When the article about the history behind the ball point pen turned up I knew I had to share it with the kids.. & so goes each article from above.

I have a few more flagged from this particular issue as well as a previous one from last year. While it's not actually current event articles, it's a bit of a relief from the scariness of our world. Terror Attacks, Bush Fires, Mud-Flinging Politicians,  & the list goes on. It's nice to reflect back on events that changed our world, moments of kindness that helped shape another's life.

As for actual current events, I read through our local newspaper, other newspapers in our country, & The Washington Post to share things with the gang. We choose to be a little picky about what we share with our youngest. It's not our attempt to hide what's going on, but rather to choose how much of it to share with him.

What to do you choose to use for Current Events & why? I'd be curious to know & see if it's one of the items on my list that I peek in on from time to time.

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