Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Bible Reading

I know many people set out in an attempt to read the Bible through in a year. It's often a New Year resolution for many. I've been there. I've accomplished the task as well as failed miserably at it over the years. During a recent Bible study the boys & I were doing I realised that it'd been a while since I'd read through the prophets & put it on my list of things To Do in the New Year.

But then I figured, why should I wait for the New Year? So the final week of December I decided to start tackling a few of the items on my list that would take me most, if not all of, the year to accomplish. The thing about the "Read Your Bible In A Year" challenges is that many people fizzle out before they fully get through The Law and/or The History books. There's a lot of begats in there, not to mention a crazy lot of Israelites who keep making the same crazy mistakes over & over again following their same insane pattern. Not that we're much better, but somehow when you read about someone else doing it you just want to scream, "Can you not hear the danger music in your slide show playing people?! Pull it together!"

I decided to opt in for a Variety Reading list this year. It's not new, all though I've never tried it before. I remember drooling over it a bit the last time I attempted this challenge & I was bogged down with the Israelites in the Desert. The objective is that you read a bit from the various groups of books each week. Mr S is a little uncertain of the idea because he thinks it's a bit odd to read bits of stories here & there without finishing one first.

Maybe I'm use to that with reading bits of stories to the kids all the time.. to get them started in a new book, or for school purposes. Either way the idea appealed to me & I decided that if Mr S was right & it got a wee bit weird not hearing a whole story at one time I could finish one story & then move to another. I'm really not that far into it, but I've been enjoying it without feeling bogged down in the sections that normally make me sigh deeply.

Admittedly, I actually listen to my section each day.. it might be while I'm eating breakfast, folding laundry, taking a spin on the indoor bike, working on a project, or any number of other duties that seem to call my name each day. I've enjoyed taking this approach & flagging the verses that speak to me so I can mark notes to them in my Bible.

If you're interested in listening to you don't need to purchase an audio Bible, all though you can. Audible has plenty of different versions, several of which we own & are beautifully done. The NKJV version, for instance, has many people for each different person; incorporates sound effects, & more. It's awesome. However, you can listen to most versions of the Bible fore free over at You can listen online or you can download the nifty little app & bring it up that way so you can listen while you're mobile.

You can download a free copy of the variety Bible Plan here if you're interested. I wrote the same plan out on a check-list in the back of my planner so I'd always know where it was. "A place for everything, & everything in it's place!"  as Mr S' mother, grandmother, & great-grandmother are/were so fond of saying.

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Butterfly said...

I used that plan a few years ago and thoroughly enjoyed it. I hope you do too!