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2016 Week Wrap Up: Week 2

We wrapped up another lovely week of school here in our home. It's crazy to think we only have a week of January left & that the first month of the new year is behind us. Where on earth does the time go?

We added Language Arts back into the rotation this week which is a variety of things for us from spelling to assigned reading. Our days were no longer adding it in which caused some deep confusion for one little boy in our home.

I'm pretty sure the getting up on time & following our schedule had a lot to do with that, but he was very confused by the whole thing. In all honesty there's often a timer running around here to keep us on task too because it's very easy for one thing to lead to another..

One minute we're all reading contentedly & the next minute we might be chasing birds, only to be interrupted by the postman, only to realise bushfire smoke is coming our way & we have to slam windows shut & get exhaust fans running.. Yep, timers help keep us on task!

We read from this lovely stack of history books this week. We actually wrapped up Elizabeth I as our first biography of the year. It was a light read, but covered some interesting factoids that really intrigued the boys. We're still making our way through the Reformation in European History & have watched many people interpret the Bible all so differently. We finished off our first read aloud, Secret Of The Andes, & most of us appreciated it the second time around. We read bits & pieces from the encyclopedia as they align with what we read in SOTW.

We added a Canadian provence or two to the map this week after reading about Henry Hudson. Nova Scotia gave us a large bit of grief, & once it was finally dealt with & the marked recapped I pointed out that we'd actually been looking for Quebec anyway. We all had a great laugh about it in the end.

After wrapping up Elizabeth I's biography I requested one child to write a summary in the fashion he's been using with his writing book. He was delighted with the request & quickly set himself about the task. I think had he been given a bit more time & leeway he'd have written a paper as long as the book to be quite honest. Elizabeth I was a lovely chance of pace after reading about Henry VIII.

We continued reading from Do Hard Things this week. We're still really enjoying this book & the challenges & mindset it presents. The short version is that if low expectations are given to teens they won't strive for anything greater. Someone was reminded of that when he offered to let me do his laundry this week.. We're enjoying our Odyssey devotional as well. This is one we used about 4 years ago & didn't finish before it was packed away. By the time it was unpacked we'd started another & knew we'd cycle back to this one at some point.

We're studying John this term with our Discover For Yourself Bible studies. Compared to some we've done in the past Jesus In The Spotlight is a little bit weaker in content. We'll see how week 2 compares. Admittedly the author is squeezing the first 10 chapters of John in this study so I can imagine how tough that had to be.. & she did state that we wouldn't be marking as much in the text as we had a lot to cover but that one should feel free to go about doing more. You can get these lovely studies from Precept Ministries Australia, but I can't link up yet as their website is still down, alternatively you could check your local Koorong or their website. I believe Book Depository, Amazon, & CBD all have these lovely studies as well.

Math carried on as normal around here. Excuse the blur, I was in a spinning chair. Both boys moved into new lessons in their books. Jayde tackled Volume as if he's been doing it all along, he'll have no issues moving forward. Morgan wants to lag behind a little because he got a few of the geometrical concepts he learned this week mixed up & prefers to build confidence before he races forward. I'm all for it.

We only have 1 set of the BkSk timeline figures that go with our Core. I'm not sure if I didn't have the presence of mind to order 2 or what. In all honesty I have the entire set of HSITW Timeline figures on CD & should just buy better quality sticker paper. Either way, this week Morgan coloured all the figures & then they ran off copies & applied them in their timeline books. We should look for figures to match some of the people we're reading about in the European History book as BkSk doesn't have figures included for it. I have no idea what the mark on his arm is for.. Chances are it's a reminder only he'll understand.

Both boys tackled writing like champs this week. Morgan's writing lessons are all recorded, something I attended to in the summer holidays, so he just pulls up the recording & then sets about his work. He was a little rusty at the start of the week but picked up speed by the end. Jayden is plodding forward in Writing With Ease. It's interesting, for us, to see his handwriting & spelling with this programme, now that he has his specs on. It'll be interesting to see is his narrations improve as a side effect as well. They also covered spelling this week all though I seem to lack a photo of it.

We had a visit with Nana one day this week.. After chatting for ages they decided to play Timeline with her. Jayden couldn't wait to test her knowledge of history. He takes it all very seriously somedays, silly boy! He was so impressed she got her very first question correct too. Thereafter a long conversation{s} ensued about each card that was produced until they all grew tired of it & opted to play Guess Who instead, which turned into a rather interestingly funny game.

We dug back into our poetry book for this year. It's not as full as last year's book with only a few readings throughout the week. On the other hand it has a small biography of the various poets inside which are all fun to read. This weeks poet was William Blake who might have been a talented poet, but apparently didn't make much at his job. That biography actually brought us full circle as a debate arose over Mr Blake actually doing Hard Things or not...

We added a fair few new cards to our lovely timeline review stash. We rotate through them all each day & the kids each take turns telling something about each person. One particular day we were all bit tired, we hadn't slept well as our home had filled with smoke from surrounding bush fires, so when I asked them to tell me something about Elizabeth I a certain child came up with, "Her name was Elizabeth, people probably called her E-Girl, Liz, Beth.." Which was topped by, "James I was a horrible good for nothing King, but no one had the guts to tell him so." Ahh yes..

The boys are still reading away at their books. Jayden shared some interesting tidbits about WWI & dogs from his own book.. such as people often shot their dogs or got rid of them because you had to pay a dog tax. Yikes! Other times dogs were taken for use in the army. Morgan is loving his Flora & Ulysses book. So much so that we popped into the local bookshop & picked up our own copy, he'd been reading one from the library & said he thought it was so funny he'd happily read it again.

We watched a PBS video this week about the Secrets Of King Henry VIII Palace. It was really very interesting in regards to the palace, but was absolutely loaded with history on King Henry, much of which we hadn't learned prior. Netflix, Amazon Prime, PBS Shop, & YouTube all seem to have the video. We chose to watch via NetFlix, it's about an hour long & mostly focuses on Henry VIII, but does touch on William & Mary, & then King George III.

Next week we add in science..

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